Friday, July 14, 2017

Anderson's Food Allergies - Almond challenge

Back in March Anderson went to the allergist's office for his almond challenge.  I had forgotten to document it ... better late than never?

Our appointment was at 1pm on March 28th.  I knew it would be challenging for a couple of reasons; it was during his nap time and we would have to be there 2 hours to make sure there was no reaction.

We settled in and I handed Anderson two of his favorite comfort items, penguin and snacks.  Dr. Schwartz then proceeded to tell me he was not allowed to eat other foods for fear of affecting the almond challenge.  He quickly changed his mind after Anderson reminded him that he's 2 years old and runs the show.

I brought in almond butter and almond milk as options for him to try during the challenge.  He wasn't a fan of either so they used the milk to prick his skin in order to gauge a reaction.

Fortunately enough time passed without any visible reactions.  Anderson passed his almond challenge and can safely eat them.  We were supposed to schedule a baked milk and baked egg challenge for this summer but have been waiting for his skin to be clear continuously before scheduling anything.

We have given him a few Goldfish crackers (baked milk) here and there and it appears to cause Anderson to have an itchy mouth.  Nothing too severe but definitely noticeable. 

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