Friday, March 31, 2017

ZKS Winter Park 10k - race recap

Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park Road Race 10k and 2 Mile Presented by Florida Hospital- 92% FULL
On Saturday March 25th I ran the 40th anniversary Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park Road Race 10k.  It was the last race of the Fanatics Series, so technically my last run of the season (assuming I don't sign up or any other races).
Instead of eating out the night before the race, we made sliders at home on mini pretzel buns.  They were really good!  I even made homemade pickles to add to the burgers.
I tried to leave extra early for the race since it was a) kind of far from us and b) super crowded and one of the most popular races.
Unfortunately I couldn't find any parking in my normal garage and ended up parking at some attorney's office.  Thankfully there were no towing signs and my car was safe while I was at the race.
One of the perks of being a fanatic was having a VIP area to use before and after the race.  I was able to check my bag and have a place to stretch before heading to the start line.  After the race they had extra snacks and massages for the VIP runners as well.
The race features a lot of running on brick but is a gorgeous course.  You get to run by million dollar Winter Park homes.  There were a couple of hills that brought me back to my Charlotte days.
I was doing pretty well with my pace until mile 4.  I started to get tired and it began warming up.  I finished the race in 47:49 minutes.  Definitely not a PR but still a respectable sub 8 minute/mile pace. 
I placed 6th in my new age group, 42nd female, and 202nd out of 2,981 total finishers. 
After the race I enjoyed my free beer and some of the food samples while chatting with Mike and Christina.  Mike has ran almost every race of the series (missed the UCF 5 miler).  I love my running buddy and really hope he signs up for the fanatic series again.
I ended up tying for 5th place in the Fanatic Series which gives me a ton of motivation to work harder next year.  I was tied for 3rd place coming into the Winter Park 10k but definitely could not hang with those speedy ladies. 
Thanks Track Shack for another great race and a fantastic running season.  Looking forward to being a fanatic again next year!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Anderson Allergy Update

I've found that I rarely post anymore.  Races are on average once a month and there are only so many new cheeseburger restaurants to try.  I wish that was the only reason I've slacked on the writing, but family life has been stressful.  Anderson just turned 2 but is so much work.  His food allergies and horrible eczema make caring for him more than a full time job. 

Ok so it sounds like I'm complaining ... I get it.  I know there are way worse things that could happen to your child other than some itching but unless you're in our day-to-day you have no idea how much he suffers.  He's constantly uncomfortable, has to wear long sleeve shirts and pants most of the time, and is usually covered in some sort of red rash.  And the questions and looks from strangers ... so many questions.  "Have you tried xyz?" "He looks miserable are you sure you've done enough?"

Since moving to Florida from North Carolina it seems that his condition has worsened, but diet has not varied.  It's a freaking puzzle.  No one knows why he continues to itch.  I'm convinced it must be an environmental allergen but without testing I have no proof. 

On the topic of testing, Anderson just had another round of skin testing.  15 different foods were used on his back. 

Not surprising he's still allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts (we're going to assume sesame seeds too since he's had an actual reaction to ingesting it and this allergist doesn't test for seeds).  A win for us was no more wheat and almond allergies.  Also found out he's not allergic to shellfish or pecans but does have a small reaction to cashews and walnuts.  Since he hasn't had any almond in his life we're going to do a challenge in the doctor's office this month and next month we will try a baked egg challenge.  Oh and a few days before his appointment he accidently drank cow's milk from a sippy cup and didn't have a noticeable reaction.  Well he spit it out, cried, and gagged a few times, but nothing major and no need for antihistamines or epi-pen. 

On the medicine front, we have also gone back to Atarax (Hydroxyzine) for itching at night.  Well tonight was the first time we tried it in over a year.  Hoping for better results than the normal Zyrtec.  We've been rocking him to sleep every night and it's such a process.  He's been medicated every 3-4 days and seems to be constantly taking medicine. 

Right now his skin is mostly clear ... which is a nice relief.  Better than it was last month when he looked like this most of the time:

So for now I'll continue to write about running ... and I'll keep on eating those cheeseburgers ... but I'll also try to document Anderson's struggles with food allergies and eczema. 

Run 4 Love 4 Mile - recap

Almost a month ago (sheesh I'm embarrassed to even say that), I ran the Run 4 Love 4 Mile presented by Track Shack.  It was the 5th race as part of the "fanatic" series so I was already signed up since last August.

I felt bad running this race without Ryan since February 11th is his birthday, but Mason had a basketball game and team pictures so we had to divide and conquer.

Not only is the 4 mile distance a nice change of pace from the usual 5k, race entry included a gender specific tech tee and finisher's medal.  The course is the fastest in the race series (in my opinion), running around Winter Park Pines golf club and Cady Way. 

Race conditions were perfect that morning ... chilly at race start but gorgeous sunny skies.  I wore a tank top, shorts, and compression socks.  I was definitely shivering at the start of the race but warmed up by the end. 

Final time was 30:27 minutes, placing 9th in my age group.  Not my fastest 4 miler but I certainly tried.

And like usual the night before the race I ate a burger.  I designed my own cheeseburger from Jimmy Hula's.