Friday, February 10, 2017

Town of Celebration Half Marathon - recap

On Sunday January 29th, I ran the Town of Celebration Half Marathon.  It was my first time running this race, but after weeks of training I felt good coming into this race.  Unfortunately the weather that day was anything but favorable for a good race (at least for me).  Temperatures remained in the low 40's and it rained the entire time.  On top of unfavorable weather, my Garmin never started.  I could've used the Nike app on my iPhone to track the distance and time, but I was scared of the rain ruining the phone and kept it in a Ziploc bag the entire time. 

Excuses aside, I am proud of myself for running 13.1 miles.  Friends who did use tracking devices say that the course was slightly longer, coming in around 13.32 miles

Final chip time - 1 hour 56 minutes 33 seconds (8:54 min/mile pace)

The night before, I had my usual pre-race meal ... cheeseburger and fries.  We quickly ate our meal from Smashburger before picking the boys up from my parents' house.  Ryan and I were lucky to spend the day at Epcot with friends (without kids).  Not sure if walking over 3 miles the day before the half marathon was a good idea. 

Aside from the weather (which wasn't the race's fault) the Town of Celebration Half Marathon was a great race with an awesome after party.  Lots of deliciuos food and drinks (beer!) for all of the runners.  Would I do it again next year?  Meh, maybe not.  I would love to find another half marathon to run.