Monday, August 15, 2016

Celebration of Running 5k - recap

My recent move back to Florida fell perfectly in line with the beginning of running season.  I was able to sign up for Track Shack's "fanatic" which is a series of 6 races throughout the year. 

The first race on the schedule was the Celebration of Running 5k on Saturday August 13th at 7:30am. 

 As per race tradition, I had a cheeseburger the night before for dinner.  We got take out from East Coast Wings and the burger was not good.  Which shouldn't be a surprise since the restaurant specializes in chicken wings!

The morning of the race I headed off solo and let Ryan tend to the boys.  Although I love having my cheerleaders there it tends to be a circus trying to round them up so early in the morning.

My buddy Mike found me at the start of the race and we lined up next to each other.  The race was 95% brick roads which made it difficult; at least it wasn't hilly!  It was super humid and muggy, but hey that's Florida for ya. 

I finished in exactly 24 minutes and didn't think I had such a spectacular performance out there.  Mike and I took our picture and said our goodbyes. 

Later on when race results were posted I realized that I had placed 3rd in my age group, 30-34.  The prize was a pillow and I couldn't wait to stop by Track Shack to pick it up.
It was a great start to racing season in Florida ... Looking forward to the 2nd race of the Fanatic series, Rock n Run 5k on September 17th.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

back in Florida

this will be the quick and dirty update of what has been going on ....

we recently moved from Charlotte, NC back to Orlando, FL.  my mom and I drove the boys back on Friday while my dad drove Ryan's car.  Ryan and Alex drove the moving truck on Saturday.  after many hours of unpacking during the weekend we got our necessities into our 3 bedroom apartment.  the rest of our belongings are chilling in my parents' garage.

why the move?  we missed family.  I missed my parents so much and wanted my boys to grow up knowing their cousins.  fortunately Ryan is able to keep the same job ... and well so do I.

as far as cheeseburgers go I haven't eaten one in days ... over a week?  sadly I can't remember when the last one was.  I have, however, logged in some Florida miles.  the past 3 days I've run at least 3 miles and boy have they been HOT.  at least running in Orlando is virtually flat as a pancake so that's a plus.

no set races on the calendar ... although I have my eye on a bacon race in 10 days.  it's a 5k so I think I can rock it although my fastest 5k time lately has been averaging 8 minute miles.  I still have some work to do.

I'll get back here as soon as I can with some cheeseburger recaps.  I finally got internet so that's been a huge lifesaver so that Mason can chill with the iPad during quiet time.

hope everyone is having a good week ... keep running and eating those burgers!