Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Friends Run 10k - recap

This past Sunday I ran The Friends Run 10k for the first time.  The race start and finish was at the Jewish Community Center.  The course was pretty hilly and challenging; maybe the hardest course I've run in Charlotte?

The start of the race was based on gun time so I started pretty close to the front.  There weren't a lot of participants; results showed around 60 runners (the 5k seemed more popular).  I maintained a position of 3rd female for most of the race.  Somewhere around 4.5 miles I caught up to the 2nd female and she told me to speed past her.  I wasn't sure how much speeding I was going to do.  By then my legs were tired from all of the hills and I had started to get hot.  I managed to speed past her and found myself crossing the finish line in a little over 48 minutes. 

One of my favorite parts of a Start 2 Finish race is the ability to look up race results instantly at their tent.  The print out showed 1st overall female which stunned me; what happened to the other girl?  I never passed her so I was super confused. 

After talking to some race officials I was told that the 1st female had gotten lost and didn't complete the race course correctly.  It was my first time placing 1st overall female!  The prize was a $50 gift certificate at Dick's sporting goods which will not go to waste since Mason's budding sports career has been costly.

Although I will probably pass on this race in the future (I'm a wuss when it comes to hills) I must say that there were a ton of positives!  The crowd support along the course was great ... lots of volunteers.  The mimosas post race were a great incentive to finish quickly.  The race t-shirts are made out of the softest material and aren't oversized.  

If you don't mind the hills you should definitely challenge yourself next year and run this race.   

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