Wednesday, May 18, 2016

my runs lately

After taking 2 days off from running while visiting Atlanta, GA this past weekend, I hit the ground running (haha I love puns) on Monday morning.  Anderson and I took it easy around Mason's school and completed a little over 4 miles. 

On Tuesday I headed to the indoor track at the YMCA to run 4 miles.  I lost Anderson's "on-the-go" pacifier and didn't have one with me when I dropped him off at childcare.  I knew I was on borrowed time and tried to finish as quickly as I could. 

Today I lucked out and was able to run outside without a jogging stroller.  SCORE!  I finished just over 4 miles while Anderson napped.

There's a good chance I'll run tomorrow (my clothes are already laid out) and I may take Friday off.  My friend Steph and I signed up for a free 5k held by Run For Your Life on Saturday morning so fresh legs would probably be best.   

mimosa run 
I haven't run with her since my birthday race so I'm looking forward to our time together, and of course those mimosas post-run.  Yum! 
I'm still working on my mileage goal for the month of May so I'm going to have to run a couple of 7+ milers in the next 2 weeks.  There's no taking it easy in the next 13 days. 
Anyone miss reading about the cheeseburgers I eat?  Maybe I just miss eating them and then blogging about it.  I'm going to try to get some more cheeseburger reviews up here.  Promise.     

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