Thursday, May 5, 2016

april goal achieved

Feliz cinco de mayo mi gente!  Wish I could say I ran 5 miles today in honor of the festive holiday, but instead I ran 4.25.  Close enough?  Wish I could also say I had an icy margarita but alas that didn't happen either.  I did make tacos, homemade tortilla chips, and some guacamole. 

It's been a hot minute (Ryan hates when I say that) so I thought I would check in.  Last month I had given myself a goal of running 85 miles.  Every day I would tally up my mileage on dailymile to see how many more miles I had left to run.  By the end of the month I found myself in Florida on a vacation with my family. 

I rarely get the chance to run with Ryan so I jumped at the opportunity to get an early morning run done with him while my parents watched the boys.  We finished a little over 3.5 miles in the muggiest, most humid weather. 

My total for April ended up being 89.15 miles!  Each month since the start of the year I have managed to run a little more than the previous month.  I have a goal for May in my mind but don't want to jinx myself ... every time I find myself on a roll with running I injure myself or catch a cold.

Ideally I would love to hit 1000 miles for 2016.  I've tried to hit that total in the past but have been sidetracked by a baby, a broken wrist, another baby ... you get it.  Fingers crossed nothing comes up in the next 7 months!

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