Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mimosas and a Meck Day celebration

On Friday we ordered take out from Smashburger in preparation of my "5k" Saturday morning.  Ok ok we all wanted burgers and were looking for any excuse to eat them.
I went with the regular Smashburger on an egg bun, American cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, with the smash sauce.  On the side I split some of their spicy buffalo French fries (dry seasoned with Frank's RedHot) with Ryan.  In honor of Meck Day I drank some Captain Jack out of my OMB pint glass. 

from Wikipedia: The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence is claimed by some to be the first declaration of independence made in the Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolution. It was supposedly signed on May 20, 1775, at Charlotte, North Carolina, by a committee of citizens of Mecklenburg County, who declared independence from Great Britain after hearing of the battle of Lexington.

May 20th is the day that those of us in Charlotte, recognize Captain Jack's delivery of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress.  Olde Mecklenburg Brewery crafted a delicious pilsner and named it after Captain Jack.  It is one of the beers that we constantly have on draft in our kegerator. 

On Saturday morning I headed to the Mimosa 5k with Steph and knocked out the run.  Although it was originally planned to take place on the greenway, it got re-routed to a nearby neighborhood due to flooding.  I kept a decent pace (definitely was not trying to go all out) and I finished 2nd.  No prizes but always good for the 'ol pride ;)

Afterwards we hydrated ourselves appropriately with mimosas.  Run for your Life raffled off some socks and pint glasses.  Steph won herself a pair of Balega socks which are super comfy. 

Read more here:
It's always fun to run with a group of people, but it's definitely more fun when your bestie is one of those runners!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, full of running ... and beer ... and cheeseburgers!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

my runs lately

After taking 2 days off from running while visiting Atlanta, GA this past weekend, I hit the ground running (haha I love puns) on Monday morning.  Anderson and I took it easy around Mason's school and completed a little over 4 miles. 

On Tuesday I headed to the indoor track at the YMCA to run 4 miles.  I lost Anderson's "on-the-go" pacifier and didn't have one with me when I dropped him off at childcare.  I knew I was on borrowed time and tried to finish as quickly as I could. 

Today I lucked out and was able to run outside without a jogging stroller.  SCORE!  I finished just over 4 miles while Anderson napped.

There's a good chance I'll run tomorrow (my clothes are already laid out) and I may take Friday off.  My friend Steph and I signed up for a free 5k held by Run For Your Life on Saturday morning so fresh legs would probably be best.   

mimosa run 
I haven't run with her since my birthday race so I'm looking forward to our time together, and of course those mimosas post-run.  Yum! 
I'm still working on my mileage goal for the month of May so I'm going to have to run a couple of 7+ milers in the next 2 weeks.  There's no taking it easy in the next 13 days. 
Anyone miss reading about the cheeseburgers I eat?  Maybe I just miss eating them and then blogging about it.  I'm going to try to get some more cheeseburger reviews up here.  Promise.     

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Friends Run 10k - recap

This past Sunday I ran The Friends Run 10k for the first time.  The race start and finish was at the Jewish Community Center.  The course was pretty hilly and challenging; maybe the hardest course I've run in Charlotte?

The start of the race was based on gun time so I started pretty close to the front.  There weren't a lot of participants; results showed around 60 runners (the 5k seemed more popular).  I maintained a position of 3rd female for most of the race.  Somewhere around 4.5 miles I caught up to the 2nd female and she told me to speed past her.  I wasn't sure how much speeding I was going to do.  By then my legs were tired from all of the hills and I had started to get hot.  I managed to speed past her and found myself crossing the finish line in a little over 48 minutes. 

One of my favorite parts of a Start 2 Finish race is the ability to look up race results instantly at their tent.  The print out showed 1st overall female which stunned me; what happened to the other girl?  I never passed her so I was super confused. 

After talking to some race officials I was told that the 1st female had gotten lost and didn't complete the race course correctly.  It was my first time placing 1st overall female!  The prize was a $50 gift certificate at Dick's sporting goods which will not go to waste since Mason's budding sports career has been costly.

Although I will probably pass on this race in the future (I'm a wuss when it comes to hills) I must say that there were a ton of positives!  The crowd support along the course was great ... lots of volunteers.  The mimosas post race were a great incentive to finish quickly.  The race t-shirts are made out of the softest material and aren't oversized.  

If you don't mind the hills you should definitely challenge yourself next year and run this race.   

Thursday, May 5, 2016

april goal achieved

Feliz cinco de mayo mi gente!  Wish I could say I ran 5 miles today in honor of the festive holiday, but instead I ran 4.25.  Close enough?  Wish I could also say I had an icy margarita but alas that didn't happen either.  I did make tacos, homemade tortilla chips, and some guacamole. 

It's been a hot minute (Ryan hates when I say that) so I thought I would check in.  Last month I had given myself a goal of running 85 miles.  Every day I would tally up my mileage on dailymile to see how many more miles I had left to run.  By the end of the month I found myself in Florida on a vacation with my family. 

I rarely get the chance to run with Ryan so I jumped at the opportunity to get an early morning run done with him while my parents watched the boys.  We finished a little over 3.5 miles in the muggiest, most humid weather. 

My total for April ended up being 89.15 miles!  Each month since the start of the year I have managed to run a little more than the previous month.  I have a goal for May in my mind but don't want to jinx myself ... every time I find myself on a roll with running I injure myself or catch a cold.

Ideally I would love to hit 1000 miles for 2016.  I've tried to hit that total in the past but have been sidetracked by a baby, a broken wrist, another baby ... you get it.  Fingers crossed nothing comes up in the next 7 months!