Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mason is 4 years old!

For those of you who actually know Mason's birthday, it's March 29th, which means he turned 4 almost 2 weeks ago.  But since we didn't make it to the doctor for his wellness check until this past Friday I think we can let the tardiness slide a bit.

He's almost 40 pounds (77%) and 3' 7" (95%).  The doctor asked if Mason was the tallest kid in his class ... I think so.  He gained 3.5 pounds and grew 3.5 inches since last year. 

He received 2 vaccines and is as healthy as can be. 

Mason had a birthday party at the Harris YMCA with his classmates and his close buds.  It was only 1.5 hours but felt like FOREVER since it was a drop-off party and most of the parents jetted at the start time.  After some playtime in the gymnastics center, snacks, and a cupcake it was time to say farewell to the kids.  Then we celebrated his birthday at school with donuts.  The last (final) birthday celebration was dinner after soccer practice.

He's usually in bed by 7pm and sleeps until 6:45am.  The last nap he took was on March 17th so I'm not entirely convinced he's ready to give them up completely.  He still does quiet time in his room most days to give me some sort of break! 

He loves school and is excited to go 5 days starting in the fall.  He's playing soccer and t-ball and is a big fan of the snacks afterwards. 

He likes to go to the library and get new books weekly ... currently he loves Piggie & Gerald books.  If you've never heard of them look them up ... surprisingly funny. 

I took him to his first school dance and he was so kind to his friends.  When a boy from his class didn't want to dance by himself Mason took him over to the dance floor and danced with him.  He truly has the biggest heart and can be so sweet ... but he's also such a loose cannon and can get into so much trouble.  I try to remind myself (almost daily) that he's only 4 and doesn't know any better, but sometimes I think he does know better and just likes to cause trouble. 

Oh Mason I love you so much and can't wait to see what happens in the next year.  You make us so proud and are so smart and funny. 

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