Thursday, April 21, 2016

65 pounds may be my limit

The morning somehow escaped me.  Anderson and I knocked out some errands (including buying Honey a birthday treat) and before I knew it lunch had arrived followed by Mason's pick up from school.  Notice there was no run mentioned?

I joked to Mason that I was going to take him in the BOB jogging stroller for a run once Anderson fell asleep for his nap.  He instantly agreed and would not stop talking about it.  He was so insistent that I finally said ok to a short run with him, only because I knew I wouldn't get another chance to run at all today.

We slowly made our way through my (hilly) neighborhood and somehow managed to run 2 miles in 23ish minutes.  I'm pretty sure half of it was spent walking and cursing myself for thinking pushing Mason in the stroller was a good idea.

Mason + BOB Jogging Stroller = 65 pounds

He was a good sport and is thankfully doing quiet time in his room while Anderson continues to nap, thus giving me some time to shower!   Hallelujah. 

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