Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Easter run

This morning the boys slept in until 7:15 ... anything past 7 is sleeping in lately.  Once we headed downstairs I made our usual sunday breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes.  Mason couldn't contain his excitement to open his Easter basket that was sitting by the fireplace.  We kept telling him to wait but finally had to cave to his begging once we were done eating. 

He quickly tore through the eggs and then turned to Anderson's basket to "help" him with his loot.  Within minutes the baskets were dismantled and empty eggs were scattered throughout the floor of our living room.

At that point Ryan and I decided to "divide and conquer" and he took over Mason duties and I took Anderson upstairs.  I knew Mason was getting antsy of being indoors so I asked him if he wanted to go on a run with me while in the stroller.  I really thought he would say no but instead he said sure and got ready.

We managed to do 4 miles in around 42 minutes.  It.  Was.  Tough.  He's roughly 40 pounds and was hanging out of the stroller cause he's too tall.  I worked hard and even walked up most hills instead of running them. 

Glad I was able to get a run in today ... but I'm even more glad it was with my little buddy. 

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