Thursday, February 4, 2016

My first trail race!

a little late but I figured a (brief) review of my first trail race is better than nothing!

on January 16th my friend Stephanie and I ran the Charlotte Running Co. 4 mile trail race at the Whitewater Center.

It was a little chilly that morning but we were happy the sun was out and shining after days of constant rain.  All of that rain meant, you guessed it, lots of slippery trails.  A little over 1 mile of the course took place on the gravel and sidewalk around the Whitewater Center.  The rest of the race took place on some treacherous trails.  It.  Was.  So.  Slippery.  Like people were falling left and right.  People were holding onto branches and tree roots to prevent slipping and sliding.  Since I have a history of falling (all joking aside I'm THE clumsiest runner) I tried to take it as slow and easy as I could.

I DIDN'T FALL once which was a huge accomplishment for me! 

It did take me over 40 minutes, however, to finish the 3.8 miles.  Although I was convinced I would never do another trail race because of how hard it was ... I would love a rematch on a day when the trails aren't super wet from days of rain.  Some nice dry terrain would be a fun challenge.  Also I have no idea how runner were able to endure approximately 13 miles of those trails with how muddy the ground was.  Hardcore for sure!

All in all it was a great experience and lots of fun having a friend running the race too. 

Anyone do a trail race before?  Did you run in normal running shoes or invest in trail sneakers?

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  1. Such a fun race! I'm hooked! Probably would never be able to run a very competitive time, but who's really keeping track...? ;)