Thursday, February 4, 2016

junk miles?

has anyone else heard of the term junk miles?  usually you find junk miles described as running without a specific purpose or goal ... miles that can end up causing injury if not careful. 

I run.  I run different amounts all the time but for the most part I average 15-20 miles a week.  some runs are indoors on the indoor track (12 laps = 1 mile).  some runs are done slowly on a treadmill.  some runs are done outdoors in hilly Charlotte.  some runs are done alone and others are done pushing the BOB with Anderson in tow.  some runs are fast and others are slow.  some runs are 1 mile long and others are over 9 miles.  this is beginning to sound very Dr. Seuss-ish. 

I run as a way to have some time to myself and a break from the every day hustle and bustle of mom life.  so even on days that I know I don't HAVE to run, I find myself squeezing in a few miles just because I can. 

say I run 5 out of 7 days a week.  1 of those runs will be my long run (in preparation for a half marathon or more recently a 10 miler on 2/20).  at least another 1 of those runs will be pretty speedy (3 or 4 miles at a quick pace).  another 1 of those runs will be around my neighborhood or by Mason's school where the hills are plentiful.  but the rest of my runs are just done without any planning or goals in mind.  I just lace up and run. 

and after increasing my mileage in the past month I am finding myself with more aches and pains.  heel pain ... ankle pain ... knee pain ... and most recently right hip pain. 

so I took today off.  I am considering taking tomorrow off in anticipation of my long run on Saturday morning.  have all of my fluff runs that I've been doing secretly been hurting me?  I think I've tried to do too much too fast and haven't eased into increasing weekly mileage.  so instead of trying to hit 20 miles this week just to know that I ran 20 miles this week, I may scale it back and do less miles that actually mean more.

any ideas on how to fix a hurt hip? 

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