Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Too many running shoes?

Is it possible to have too many pairs of running shoes? Maybe. Depends on how much storage space you have. I keep my running shoes in the garage on a shelf my dad put up, and I can honestly say I'm running (haha pun intended) out of room.


I took all 9 pairs off the shelf to show you all the pretty colors :)

On the top (all Brooks):
Adrenaline, pure cadence, pure cadence, pure connect, pure cadence 4

On the bottom (all Mizuno):
Wave Precision 13, Wave inspire 10, Wave inspire 11, Wave Inspire 11

I just bought the white Mizuno Wave Inspires on the bottom right at a steal off Amazon ($60!). I took them for a spin today around the Harris YMCA.

I may retire some of the shoes soon ... I still alternate through almost all of the pairs and have made the adrenalines backyard/get dirty shoes.

I usually use the Brooks Pure Cadence for racing 5ks and have been using the Mizuno Wave Inspire for longer distances. I plan on using my newest shoes to train for the 10 miler I'm racing next month.

What's your favorite running shoe?


  1. I also have several running shoes and still keep on getting more and more. When I save enough money, I would get another two pairs soon. However, I don't have good space to keep them but kept them in original shoes boxes.

    1. that's a great way to store your shoes ... in their original boxes. you can even jot down the date you started wearing them to keep track of your mileage in each pair