Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ten months - Anderson

Hip hip hooray!  Anderson is one month older and is rocking 10 months like a boss.  Since the last update he got to celebrate a huge holiday, his first Christmas, and was pretty unimpressed with the whole thing.  He was a big fan of the little tree I bought for Mason so I'm looking forward to next year when the boys can share (fight over) their own tree.

Anyways not much to report ... no actual weight and height stats since he luckily has not been to the doctor this past month.  He seems bigger and is wearing more 12 months clothing now.  He still has 4 bottles a day, 6 ounces each, of formula and eats 3 meals with us at the table. 

The days run together so I'm not sure if he's tried any new foods in the past 4 weeks but he's still loving sweet potatoes, peas, apple sauce, and avocado. 

He's gotten himself on such a good schedule during the day ... wakes up around 7:00am, nap around 9:30am, second nap around 2:00pm, and bedtime around 6:30pm.  This definitely helped my parents out while they watched the boys for a couple of nights while Ryan and I jetted off to Florida for a weekend. 

Still no standing on his own or any attempts at walking.  Still only 2 bottom teeth.  He's such a chill and happy little dude and loves to play on his own.  Mason continues to be his favorite person to watch and Honey is a close second (the dog).  Lots of babble but no new words.  We're thankful for an uneventful and relatively calm past month.  Something tells me the 11 month update will have some more changes!

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