Sunday, March 20, 2016

Checking out the new kid in town

I love working out and in general most fitness related things.  I'm lucky I live in a city where there are so many different options for exercising, besides the normal run-of-the-mill gym.  This morning I had the opportunity to check out the newest cycle studio to hit Charlotte.  CycleSouth is located in uptown and is officially opening its doors on January 11th. 

I lucked out with a free preview ride through Scoop Charlotte and couldn't wait to try it out. 

Uptown is about 20 minutes from where we live so I jumped on the highway this morning and made it to the studio with 10 minutes to spare.  Fortunately there is a parking garage in the same building as the studio.  CycleSouth provides free validated parking with your ticket. 

Once I entered the studio I was greeted by a super friendly employee who told me to check in and leave my things in the locker room.  Lockers are provided free of charge but remember to bring a lock with you as they do not have any (not sure if they will have any in the future).

I was going to break this review down into pros and cons, but since my pros and cons may not be the same as everyone else, bullet points seemed like a good choice :)

  • Schwinn bicycles have cages or snaps on the pedals ... if you don't have your own cycling shoes (I don't) then you can secure your sneakers in with the straps on the cage side.  If you do have cycling shoes just snap them right in!  My feet felt secure the entire ride

  • 4 rows of bicycles with 9 in each row, stadium style (the last row may have had 8 bikes not sure)

  • huge fans all around the room

  • lots of speakers to hear the music

  • Erica did a great job of walking around before class to make sure everyone's bicycle was adjusted and to answer any questions

  • clean towels provided by studio

  • Jason was the instructor and kept the class motivated and entertained along the way.  You could tell he was working as hard as the class was!

  • 45 minute ride, with cool down afterwards (stretches on/off bike)

  • GREAT playlist ... lots of awesome jams

  • no tracking on bicycle (no way of knowing calories burned/mileage cycled) ... resistance is done through red knob on bicycle.  you're basically in charge of how hard you make the ride.  you also have to have some sense of rhythm (or should) to keep timing/speed correct.  Jason did help at times with prompts to keep cyclers on beat

  • 1 ride costs $23, but current promotion offers 5 classes for $75

I really liked my experience at CycleSouth this morning and am considering purchasing the introductory special.  With our YMCA membership it is hard to justify too many other costly work outs, but I like having variety in my exercising and can easily spread those classes to once every week or every other week. 

Check out CycleSouth if you're looking for a new cycling studio. 

(although my class was free through Scoop Charlotte I am not getting anything in return for writing this.  Just thought local Charlotte readers may want to know about my experience!)

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  1. Thank you for riding with us this morning! We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed the ride and hope to see you back in a bike soon!