Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Too many running shoes?

Is it possible to have too many pairs of running shoes? Maybe. Depends on how much storage space you have. I keep my running shoes in the garage on a shelf my dad put up, and I can honestly say I'm running (haha pun intended) out of room.


I took all 9 pairs off the shelf to show you all the pretty colors :)

On the top (all Brooks):
Adrenaline, pure cadence, pure cadence, pure connect, pure cadence 4

On the bottom (all Mizuno):
Wave Precision 13, Wave inspire 10, Wave inspire 11, Wave Inspire 11

I just bought the white Mizuno Wave Inspires on the bottom right at a steal off Amazon ($60!). I took them for a spin today around the Harris YMCA.

I may retire some of the shoes soon ... I still alternate through almost all of the pairs and have made the adrenalines backyard/get dirty shoes.

I usually use the Brooks Pure Cadence for racing 5ks and have been using the Mizuno Wave Inspire for longer distances. I plan on using my newest shoes to train for the 10 miler I'm racing next month.

What's your favorite running shoe?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A snowy run

After taking care of some errands this afternoon, I noticed the greenway was conveniently located across the street. The thought of running another lap around the indoor track made me cringe (after running 60 laps yesterday), so I decided to do an easy 2 miles in the snow.

- 2 mile run
- 45 degrees was the temperature
- I saw 4 other runners out there, one shirtless!
- zero falls which was excellent considering how slippery it was

There was something so peaceful and quiet about running along the snowy greenway today. So glad I was able to enjoy 20 minutes out there!

I think it was my first time running in the snow ... Maybe not the last? Only downfall was my shoes and socks got wet which was pretty uncomfortable towards the end.

Any snow running out there for you guys?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

4 before sunrise

Ryan is usually the early morning workout person. He sets his clothes out the night before and sneaks out before his alarm even goes off.

I, on the otherhand, prefer a mid morning workout. Usually after preschool drop-off. It's what I know and have been doing for years.

It's been so cold lately (duh it's winter) that I've been sad dragging Anderson around in it. So when the opportunity came up for me to knock out my run early this morning (sans kids) I took it.

I even woke up a few minutes before my alarm went off (as disheartening as that is). The YMCA was already packed and I slogged (slow jog) around the indoor track.

4.25 miles - 36:30 minutes

All before sunrise.

Now time for coffee and to get the family ready to start their days.

Happy Thursday!

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

dailymile 2015 year end report

I've mentioned this before, and I'm mention it again, I love that dailymile sends out a year end report on your running.  I'm a little bummed that I didn't run as many miles as I did last year or the year before but I've had a pretty busy year raising a second baby :)

Hopefully 2016 will show an increase of mileage ... who knows, I might get closer to hitting my all-time goal of 1,000 miles in one year!  #runnernerd for sure.

total miles in 2015 - 733 (last year 907, 2013 - 774)
average miles per week in 2015- 14 (last year 17, 2013 -14)
total # of workouts in 2015- 212 (last year 239, 2013 - 217)
24 pounds burned in 2015 (30 pounds burned in 2014) (25 pounds burned in 2013)
most miles ran in September 2015 (last year was April, 2013 was August)
least miles ran in March 2015 (last year was November, 2013 was January)

2016 - a new year of running

New year = new goals for running. 

I was lucky to get out and run on January 1st and ran a little over 5 miles with my favorite running partner (Ryan) around Sarasota, Florida.  We landed in Florida around 1pm, got a cab to our hotel, checked in, changed our clothes, and were out running before 2pm.  It's our favorite thing to do while on vacation and visiting a different city. 

Unfortunately we didn't get any other running done while in Florida but I managed to drag myself to the gym Monday morning for 3.5 miles around the indoor track.  Since then I've managed to run a couple of more times and am really trying to stay consistent with running.

Maybe you're new to running or are looking for the motivation to get back into running ... whatever it is, here are some things that I do to help me get laced up and out the door:

1. run with a buddy - I usually do most of my runs solo (unless I am pushing the jogging stroller with Anderson in tow) so it was a special treat to run with Ryan.  I miss running with him and definitely feel more motivated when we are running together

2. run in a new area - although not always practical, I love running in new cities or parts of town.  running in a new area helps make the run fresh and new

3. listen to music - for the first half of our new year's run, we ran without music.  at the 1/2 way point I turned on some music for us to listen to.  music has always motivated me and encourages me to finish strong.  it also helps to take my mind off of the task at hand ... which happens to be putting one foot in front of the other, in a rapid motion

4.  sign up for a race - signing up for a race always motivates me and gives me a shot at achieving a goal.  my next race is the Charlotte Running Co. Trail race, where I'll run approximately 4 miles along some trails at the Whitewater Center.  I've never run a trail race before and I'm honestly nervous since I'm quite accident prone, but am looking forward to the challenge!

does anyone have any other helpful tips on getting motivated to run? 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ten months - Anderson

Hip hip hooray!  Anderson is one month older and is rocking 10 months like a boss.  Since the last update he got to celebrate a huge holiday, his first Christmas, and was pretty unimpressed with the whole thing.  He was a big fan of the little tree I bought for Mason so I'm looking forward to next year when the boys can share (fight over) their own tree.

Anyways not much to report ... no actual weight and height stats since he luckily has not been to the doctor this past month.  He seems bigger and is wearing more 12 months clothing now.  He still has 4 bottles a day, 6 ounces each, of formula and eats 3 meals with us at the table. 

The days run together so I'm not sure if he's tried any new foods in the past 4 weeks but he's still loving sweet potatoes, peas, apple sauce, and avocado. 

He's gotten himself on such a good schedule during the day ... wakes up around 7:00am, nap around 9:30am, second nap around 2:00pm, and bedtime around 6:30pm.  This definitely helped my parents out while they watched the boys for a couple of nights while Ryan and I jetted off to Florida for a weekend. 

Still no standing on his own or any attempts at walking.  Still only 2 bottom teeth.  He's such a chill and happy little dude and loves to play on his own.  Mason continues to be his favorite person to watch and Honey is a close second (the dog).  Lots of babble but no new words.  We're thankful for an uneventful and relatively calm past month.  Something tells me the 11 month update will have some more changes!