Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Good good good!

This morning I took my third flybarre class in a row. The 6am start time was a little discouraging since Anderson had a rough night and didn't sleep well (aka mom and dad didn't sleep at all).

I made it to class with a few minutes to spare ... I probably should've used that extra time to find an outfit that actually matched.

Anyways while I was getting situated at mat 15, I couldn't help but notice how awake and upbeat the instructor was. I'm pretty sure it was my first time having Andrea as my instructor and I couldn't help but try to steal some of her energy during class.

While she walked around the room checking our form and making corrections as needed, she would say "good good good" and towards the end of the 45 minute class I smiled every time she would say it.

I'm super bummed that my last class will expire today and I won't get to use it. The last three days have been awesome work outs and I would've loved to have felt the burn one last time. Silly mom brain for letting these classes sit for so long without being used. Fingers crossed that the lovely people at Flywheel will extend the expiration date on my last class!

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