Thursday, December 24, 2015

6 weeks of bar

When I first heard that a Bar Method studio was opening in Charlotte I was pretty stoked. I had always heard good things about the studio from some friends in Florida. When they announced a $79 6 week unlimited special for new members I quickly signed up.

It wasn't until November 14th that I took my first class. Lizzy led me through my first taste of The Bar Method work out and it was tough. I tried to do as many classes as I could weekly since they recommend 3-5 classes a week for full benefits.

Unfortunately between Ryan traveling and no childcare available I did an average of two classes per week. I was lucky to have my parents around for one week of classes and even got a sitter for a Friday noon class.

This morning marked my last class as part of the 6 week new student package. Technically I would have through tomorrow but they are closed on Christmas. Bummer!

The last 6 weeks by numbers:
- 13 total classes
- 4 different teachers
- earliest class I've taken 6am
- latest class I've taken 12pm
- heaviest weights used 3 pounds
- lightest weights used 1 pound
- over 300 push ups
- 1 pair of trusty grip socks through it all

I would love to take more of these classes in the future ... I just can't justify the $24/class price tag right now, along with our existing family membership at the YMCA. Good thing there are always birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother's Day to look forward to for gift cards!

These hour long classes truly pushed me to work hard. The teachers were helpful with their corrections and motivating with their words.

I'm back to pre-baby shape and have some killer abs and super toned arms and legs. I tried to run a couple of days week to complement the bar work out.

If you haven't tried a class at The Bar Method yet, and are looking for a way to shake up your work outs, please do so. You won't regret it!

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