Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#39 - the No. 6

One of the perks of Mason being in preschool 4 days a week, is that random lunch dates with Ryan (and Anderson) can happen.  I suggested Earl's Grocery one of those such times knowing there was an item on the Charlotte Bucket List: 50 things to eat before you die from Thrillist, that I could order.

For $8.99 (plus tax) you get:
No. 6*

It's a huge bowl of goodness.  It's also one of the most random combinations of things I have ever ordered.  The bottom of the bowl is filled with large chunks of earthy beets and shredded pieces of duck.  On top of that is 2 runny eggs, a tangy slaw, and a generous drizzle of their aioli.  The slaw is the perfect complement to cut through the richness of the duck.

Ok ... this time I could see why the writer would add this to the list of 50 items.  It's something so incredibly different and unique ... and delicious, boy is it delicious.  There were a ton of other items on the menu that I would love to try so Earl's Grocery I will be back for you.  In the meantime go and try the No. 6 ... and be prepared to take a nap afterwards.

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