Thursday, December 24, 2015

6 weeks of bar

When I first heard that a Bar Method studio was opening in Charlotte I was pretty stoked. I had always heard good things about the studio from some friends in Florida. When they announced a $79 6 week unlimited special for new members I quickly signed up.

It wasn't until November 14th that I took my first class. Lizzy led me through my first taste of The Bar Method work out and it was tough. I tried to do as many classes as I could weekly since they recommend 3-5 classes a week for full benefits.

Unfortunately between Ryan traveling and no childcare available I did an average of two classes per week. I was lucky to have my parents around for one week of classes and even got a sitter for a Friday noon class.

This morning marked my last class as part of the 6 week new student package. Technically I would have through tomorrow but they are closed on Christmas. Bummer!

The last 6 weeks by numbers:
- 13 total classes
- 4 different teachers
- earliest class I've taken 6am
- latest class I've taken 12pm
- heaviest weights used 3 pounds
- lightest weights used 1 pound
- over 300 push ups
- 1 pair of trusty grip socks through it all

I would love to take more of these classes in the future ... I just can't justify the $24/class price tag right now, along with our existing family membership at the YMCA. Good thing there are always birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother's Day to look forward to for gift cards!

These hour long classes truly pushed me to work hard. The teachers were helpful with their corrections and motivating with their words.

I'm back to pre-baby shape and have some killer abs and super toned arms and legs. I tried to run a couple of days week to complement the bar work out.

If you haven't tried a class at The Bar Method yet, and are looking for a way to shake up your work outs, please do so. You won't regret it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#39 - the No. 6

One of the perks of Mason being in preschool 4 days a week, is that random lunch dates with Ryan (and Anderson) can happen.  I suggested Earl's Grocery one of those such times knowing there was an item on the Charlotte Bucket List: 50 things to eat before you die from Thrillist, that I could order.

For $8.99 (plus tax) you get:
No. 6*

It's a huge bowl of goodness.  It's also one of the most random combinations of things I have ever ordered.  The bottom of the bowl is filled with large chunks of earthy beets and shredded pieces of duck.  On top of that is 2 runny eggs, a tangy slaw, and a generous drizzle of their aioli.  The slaw is the perfect complement to cut through the richness of the duck.

Ok ... this time I could see why the writer would add this to the list of 50 items.  It's something so incredibly different and unique ... and delicious, boy is it delicious.  There were a ton of other items on the menu that I would love to try so Earl's Grocery I will be back for you.  In the meantime go and try the No. 6 ... and be prepared to take a nap afterwards.

#23 - Guru Roll

The other night the whole family headed to Sushi Guru to use a "livingsocial" deal that was burning a hole in my iPhone.  While we were there I decided to order the Guru Roll, number 23 on the Charlotte Bucket List: 50 Things to eat before you die from Thillist. 

We also ordered 2 other rolls to share but enjoyed the Guru Roll the best.  The roll was filled with tuna, avocado and lump crap, flash-baked, then topped with fried garlic and shallots.  There was a "fiery" aioli drizzled on the top.

Meh.  It was ok.  The filling was pretty mushy and bland ... just tasted fishy (obviously).  The redeeming qualities of the roll were the fried garlic and shallot pieces.  Ryan and I were fighting over those.  Not really sure I would count this as a must eat in the top 50 items but there must be a reason the writer placed it on the list.   

Monday, December 7, 2015

Nine months - Anderson

A couple of days late but only because I was waiting to post after Anderson's 9 month check up at the doctor's this morning. 

Everything went well at his doctor's appointment.  He received one shot and is all set until his one year appointment in 3 months.

weight - 18 pounds 2 ounces (23%)
height - 28.38 inches (50%)

He's still so much smaller than Mason was but at least he's on an upward trend for weight gain. 

Anderson has 4 bottles a day, 6 ounces each, of formula, and 3 meals of baby food.  Favorites include sweet potatoes, apple/blueberry, and squash.  Dislikes bananas and green beans.  Hoping to try lentils soon!

He's also going through some major stranger danger and separation anxiety.  We haven't been to the childcare at the YMCA in a long time (mostly due to having colds, respectively) so I'm dreading the day we head back. 

He's a fan of bath time now which is fun to watch.  He also loves watching Mason do anything and everything.  He thinks he's hysterical which is good when I need him to stop crying. 

After sleeping horribly for a long time, he's back to sleeping through the night and taking at least 2 naps a day.  Yahoo! 

He's finally crawling .... it's not pretty but it gets him to where he's trying to be (usually by Mason). 

I say it every month but I can't believe time is going by so quickly.  He'll be one year old before I know it.  Looking forward to celebrating his first Christmas since he enjoyed Thanksgiving so much. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

#45 - Everything Bagel with Smoked Salmon

A few days ago I noticed an article on Thrillist, "Charlotte Bucket List: 50 Things You Need to Eat in Charlotte Before You Die" by Keia Mastrianni.  Although I've eaten a handful of the listed items, I thought it would be fun to try all 50 items and post about it.  Some of the food items are cheeseburgers so that'll be fun. 

Today after taking 2 different classes (one at the Bar Method and one at Flybarre) I treated myself to item 45, Everything Bagel with Smoked Salmon from Poppy's Bagels & More. 

It was my first time having the lox bagel from Poppy's and the first time I spent almost $8 on a bagel.  It was good ... they give you a good portion of salmon and the combination of cream cheese, red onions, and capers is a good one.  I could do without the tomatoes; I took most of them off while eating the sandwich.  The bagels at Poppy's are delicious and I always recommend this place to people when asked about where to find a NYC style bagel in the Queen City.  My personal favorite is a toasted garlic bagel with olive cream cheese.   

Can't wait to document the next 49 items ... Thanks Keia for such a fun challenge!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Good good good!

This morning I took my third flybarre class in a row. The 6am start time was a little discouraging since Anderson had a rough night and didn't sleep well (aka mom and dad didn't sleep at all).

I made it to class with a few minutes to spare ... I probably should've used that extra time to find an outfit that actually matched.

Anyways while I was getting situated at mat 15, I couldn't help but notice how awake and upbeat the instructor was. I'm pretty sure it was my first time having Andrea as my instructor and I couldn't help but try to steal some of her energy during class.

While she walked around the room checking our form and making corrections as needed, she would say "good good good" and towards the end of the 45 minute class I smiled every time she would say it.

I'm super bummed that my last class will expire today and I won't get to use it. The last three days have been awesome work outs and I would've loved to have felt the burn one last time. Silly mom brain for letting these classes sit for so long without being used. Fingers crossed that the lovely people at Flywheel will extend the expiration date on my last class!

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