Monday, November 30, 2015

on the bar/barre bandwagon

A couple of weeks ago I began taking classes at the new Bar Method studio in Southpark.  I had gotten lucky with an opening studio sale of $79 of unlimited classes during 6 weeks.  I've been feeling kind of burnt out over running so taking bar classes was a chance to try something different as a form of fitness.

Unfortunately they do not offer childcare so I've had to squeeze in classes during the times when Ryan was available, or more recently, during my parent's week-long visit.

This means I've taken 6am classes which is strange to me since I enjoy mid morning workouts the best :)  The instructors have all been super nice and it's always a treat to work out in a brand new facility. 

After signing up for a few classes of Bar Method in a row, I remembered to check my Flybarre account to see if I had any classes left there.  Unfortunately I had 4 classes left that expire on 12/1 and didn't realize it until too late.  I signed up for a class yesterday, this morning, and tomorrow morning but will end up letting one class expire.  Boo.  It's such a bummer but a total oversight on my part.  Those classes aren't cheap! 

The problem with taking so many of these type of classes in a row is that I'm not giving my body any time to rest ... and boy could I use some rest.  Plus I don't think I've done so many push-ups in my life! 

So far I've done 5 classes at the Bar Method since 11/14 and will do a total of 3 classes of Flybarre in a short 3 day window.  I'm thinking after so much bar/barre work I'll be ready for some running again!

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