Monday, November 30, 2015

Charlotte Southpark 27th Annual Turkey Trot recap

On Thursday November 26th Ryan and I ran in the 27th annual Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot.  We haven't run a race together since before the boys were born so it was nice to get out there with my favorite running partner.

I also think this was my first time running an 8k (although I could be wrong) so I was excited to see what my pace would be.  The race didn't start until 9am which was nice since we had family staying with us all week and a cranky 8 month old who hadn't been sleeping well.

I think at the start of the race, temperatures were right around the upper 30's.  I wore running tights, a long sleeve running shirt, and a headband to cover my ears.  At times I found myself a little warm but for the most part the running outfit was on point.

Although my time wasn't collected at the start of the race, my finish gun time was 36:40 minutes, pace of 7:23 minutes/mile, 14th female 30-34 age group out of 270.  There were right around 3,000 runners and I was the 289th finisher.  According to my watch my time was 36:31 minutes which seems accurate since Ryan's chip time was 9 seconds less than his gun time and we started next to each other.

The only drawback of such a popular race is that the course never thinned out.  It was a constant crowd of runners in such a narrow area which meant a lot of zigging and zagging around people. 

Overall I had a great experience during my first Turkey Trot and I would love for it to become an annual tradition in the Chalmers household.  Mason started the trend last year in the tot trot so we may have to alternate runners each year :)

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