Monday, November 30, 2015

on the bar/barre bandwagon

A couple of weeks ago I began taking classes at the new Bar Method studio in Southpark.  I had gotten lucky with an opening studio sale of $79 of unlimited classes during 6 weeks.  I've been feeling kind of burnt out over running so taking bar classes was a chance to try something different as a form of fitness.

Unfortunately they do not offer childcare so I've had to squeeze in classes during the times when Ryan was available, or more recently, during my parent's week-long visit.

This means I've taken 6am classes which is strange to me since I enjoy mid morning workouts the best :)  The instructors have all been super nice and it's always a treat to work out in a brand new facility. 

After signing up for a few classes of Bar Method in a row, I remembered to check my Flybarre account to see if I had any classes left there.  Unfortunately I had 4 classes left that expire on 12/1 and didn't realize it until too late.  I signed up for a class yesterday, this morning, and tomorrow morning but will end up letting one class expire.  Boo.  It's such a bummer but a total oversight on my part.  Those classes aren't cheap! 

The problem with taking so many of these type of classes in a row is that I'm not giving my body any time to rest ... and boy could I use some rest.  Plus I don't think I've done so many push-ups in my life! 

So far I've done 5 classes at the Bar Method since 11/14 and will do a total of 3 classes of Flybarre in a short 3 day window.  I'm thinking after so much bar/barre work I'll be ready for some running again!

Penland Tree Farm

Since moving to Charlotte Ryan and I have gotten our Christmas tree from a tree farm every year.  It's one of my favorite traditions and although we have had to scale back on the distance we travel, we still manage to find a farm that works for us. 

This year we were lucky enough to have my parents along for the ride and took them to a new to us tree farm in York, South Carolina.  I selected Penland Tree Farm for their choose and cut option and because it was only 30 minutes away from our home.

We arrived around 9:30am the day after Thanksgiving and discovered a small crowd at the farm.  Parking was a breeze and after a brief explanation of the process by the helpful staff, we were off to choose our family's tree.  We liked the look of the "Leland" variety and after measuring a few contenders we settled upon a 6 foot tree. 

My dad sawed down the tree and Mason and Ryan dragged it out to the pathway so that a worker could scoop it up and prep it for sale.

The tree was only $40 which seemed like such a deal compared to other tree lots in the city.  The only drawback was that it was cash or check only so make sure to bring some cash with you or parents who happen to have cash ;)

Also this was one of the first tree farms we've been to that didn't load and tie the tree for you onto your car.  It took my dad and Ryan 10-15 minutes but they were able to secure our tree safely for the drive home.

They also sold snacks (not sure what kind we didn't buy any) and had wreaths for sale. 

All in all it was a great experience to share with my parents.  It was especially fun to see Anderson's reaction to the trees since it was his first time joining us.  Luckily Mason is an old pro and was able to show him what to do :)

Charlotte Southpark 27th Annual Turkey Trot recap

On Thursday November 26th Ryan and I ran in the 27th annual Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot.  We haven't run a race together since before the boys were born so it was nice to get out there with my favorite running partner.

I also think this was my first time running an 8k (although I could be wrong) so I was excited to see what my pace would be.  The race didn't start until 9am which was nice since we had family staying with us all week and a cranky 8 month old who hadn't been sleeping well.

I think at the start of the race, temperatures were right around the upper 30's.  I wore running tights, a long sleeve running shirt, and a headband to cover my ears.  At times I found myself a little warm but for the most part the running outfit was on point.

Although my time wasn't collected at the start of the race, my finish gun time was 36:40 minutes, pace of 7:23 minutes/mile, 14th female 30-34 age group out of 270.  There were right around 3,000 runners and I was the 289th finisher.  According to my watch my time was 36:31 minutes which seems accurate since Ryan's chip time was 9 seconds less than his gun time and we started next to each other.

The only drawback of such a popular race is that the course never thinned out.  It was a constant crowd of runners in such a narrow area which meant a lot of zigging and zagging around people. 

Overall I had a great experience during my first Turkey Trot and I would love for it to become an annual tradition in the Chalmers household.  Mason started the trend last year in the tot trot so we may have to alternate runners each year :)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Eight months - Anderson

Holy moly what a month!  You've really thrown us through a loop the past 4 weeks ... ever since we got back from Florida you've been such a grouch.  Blame it on teething, blame it on your super sensitive skin, blame it on your digestive system, blame it on being sick ... I've blamed it all!

In your defense you did have your first ear infection 2 weeks ago.  I took you back to the doctors office today thinking you might have had another one, but nope you're healthy.  Screaming your head off and not sleeping well is just because that's what you're into lately. 

The doctor advised us letting you cry it out at night ... something we did with Mason (looking back Mason was such an easy baby).  It's a lot harder this time around since there could be any number of things actually ailing you and there's a little human sleeping soundly across the hall.  We would hate to have Mason wake up from one of your scream-fests cause God forbid we have the both of you awake at 3 in the morning. 

Ok enough of my complaining and onto the good stuff ...

  • you have 2 teeth now
  • new food is peach
  • babababa is the sound of choice ... still no mama (although I'm convinced I've heard it once or twice)
  • you love standing up and holding onto things
  • since bringing Honey home you've been obsessed with her and have a huge grin any time she's in the room
  • you celebrated your first Halloween and rocked an awesome Robin costume
  • you mastered somesort of backwards crawl which gets you places but not a whole lot of actual crawling
  • 3 meals a day with 4 bottles, 6 ounces each
  • current weight 17 pounds, 12 ounces

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I feel like a hamster

Today marked the third indoor track run in a row. Eh. I'm kind of over it.

Total laps has been 132 ... 4 miles, 3 miles, 4 miles.

Although I would've been fine jogging outside today in the rain, I felt bad dragging Anderson out there. Instead he's probably hating his time at childcare (lately he's been having some stranger danger anxiety).

Hopefully he's in a decent mood so I can stop by Starbucks on the way home.

Fingers crossed the weather clears up so I can do another 3 miles tomorrow and 7 miles on Saturday.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's fall y'all

Wow. I didn't realize how long it had been since my last post. I've been lacking motivation in all facets of my life lately ... Running, blogging, participating in the Junior League, being social with friends. Having two kids really takes it out of me!

Although I ran out of time this weekend to do a long run, I did manage to find some time to take the kids to the park. Ace absolutely loved the swing and had a bunch of adorable giggles. He wasn't too keen on a mommy selfie though.

Fall is such a lovely time in Charlotte, and I'm starting to change my grumpy attitude. I'm looking forward to running outside and crunching all of the leaves as my shoes hit the sidewalk. I better enjoy the crisp, cooler weather before winter is here!

Next race is the Turkey Trot 8k which is around 3 weeks away. I can't wait to run a race with Ryan, although chances are he'll smoke me!