Friday, October 16, 2015

My last long run

After being super disappointed at the cancellation of my half marathon on 10/3 due to weather, I stopped being sad and signed up for another race.

The problem was that the new race was on 10/17, 2 weeks later. I had already done all of the training for the half marathon so I just added one last long run into the mix.

While in Florida, I was fortunate to run along a gorgeous trail for my 10 miler. Unfortunately I hadn't run in Florida heat/humidity in a long time and found myself super dehydrated during the run.

After throwing up around mile 8, I felt good enough to finish the full 10 miles.

It's been one week since that last long run and since then I have only ran one more time ... An easy 2 miler yesterday around the outdoor track at the YMCA. I'm counting on my long walks through Disney World on Monday and Tuesday to count towards tapering this past week.

We'll see if all of my previous training will help me have a kickass race tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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