Thursday, October 1, 2015

first time pushing a double jogging stroller!

today was my last training run before the Volition America Half Marathon on Saturday October 3rd.  on the schedule was an (easy) 2 miles.  I met up with my friend Cindy and her daughter Vera Rose after we dropped off our boys at preschool.  She offered her double stroller to push VR and Anderson and it was a neat first experience.  I give moms a lot of credit that push a double jogging stroller ... those things are hard!  Cindy and I took turns pushing the stroller during the 2 miles then rewarded ourselves with some hot beverages from Starbucks.

Currently the forecast for Saturday is a whole lot of rain which makes me apprehensive about running the half marathon.  As long as it's not a torrential downpour, I plan on slogging along for 13 miles in the rain.  Worst case scenario, I take it easy on Saturday and just finish the race and find another fall half marathon to really rock it.  Fingers crossed the rain gods take it easy on me from 7-9am ...

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