Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A different type of 5k

This morning Ace and I joined my friend Steph on the greenway for a little walking and talking.

3.1 miles later we wrapped it up and headed home. It was such an enjoyable way to spend right under an hour. While we caught up, Anderson got to enjoy some fresh air and wildlife (deer were aplenty).

I'm still easing back into some running mileage after the half marathon on Saturday so this was the perfect way to get my legs moving. Looking forward to a run tomorrow while Mason is at school.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rocktoberfest Half Marathon recap

Well.  It's finished.  My fall half marathon has been run and raced.  I ran this same half marathon 2 years ago and finished in 1 hour 51 minutes.  On Saturday I finished the race 6 minutes slower, 1 hour 57 minutes and 30 seconds.

Those hills ... man those hills ... my legs just couldn't move any faster.  After seeing my wonderful cheering section (thanks Steph and family) at around mile 10.5, I cleared mile 12 and pulled off to the grass to throw up.  I somehow managed to finish the last mile and found Ryan, Mason, and Anderson waiting for me.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed.  But things happen and not every race is going to be a PR.  I ran 13 miles which is pretty impressive, regardless of what time I finished in.  I can list all of the things that went wrong that morning ... no sleep the previous night because Anderson has been sick since Thursday, I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with the same cold he has because I was super congested the entire run, and it was 45 degrees which was just a tad too cold for me right now.  My hands were so cold I couldn't press the GU out of the package.

Overall - 245 out of 756
Female - 77 out of 426
30-34 years old - 17 out of 68

I'm going to take a few days off from running.  Give my body a chance to recover and to get over this possible cold.  I'll find another half for next year ... hopefully in a flatter state.

Friday, October 16, 2015

My last long run

After being super disappointed at the cancellation of my half marathon on 10/3 due to weather, I stopped being sad and signed up for another race.

The problem was that the new race was on 10/17, 2 weeks later. I had already done all of the training for the half marathon so I just added one last long run into the mix.

While in Florida, I was fortunate to run along a gorgeous trail for my 10 miler. Unfortunately I hadn't run in Florida heat/humidity in a long time and found myself super dehydrated during the run.

After throwing up around mile 8, I felt good enough to finish the full 10 miles.

It's been one week since that last long run and since then I have only ran one more time ... An easy 2 miler yesterday around the outdoor track at the YMCA. I'm counting on my long walks through Disney World on Monday and Tuesday to count towards tapering this past week.

We'll see if all of my previous training will help me have a kickass race tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Seven months - Anderson

We've had a couple of developments since the 6 month update ...

  • Anderson can now sit up on his own
  • Anderson has been saying "dada"
  • Anderson has one bottom tooth poking through

He's also tried a few new foods - bananas, avocados, carrots, pears (in addition to last month's list).  He's still having 4 bottles of formula a day, around 28-30 ounces total, with 2 or 3 meals of food.

We are still struggling with the naps ... some days he has 3, and others he can barely manage 1.  We are thankful that he has been sleeping through the night unless there is some teething pain or stomach discomfort.  At the end of the day babies are so unpredictable (at least mine are) so we take what we can in the sleep department. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

first time pushing a double jogging stroller!

today was my last training run before the Volition America Half Marathon on Saturday October 3rd.  on the schedule was an (easy) 2 miles.  I met up with my friend Cindy and her daughter Vera Rose after we dropped off our boys at preschool.  She offered her double stroller to push VR and Anderson and it was a neat first experience.  I give moms a lot of credit that push a double jogging stroller ... those things are hard!  Cindy and I took turns pushing the stroller during the 2 miles then rewarded ourselves with some hot beverages from Starbucks.

Currently the forecast for Saturday is a whole lot of rain which makes me apprehensive about running the half marathon.  As long as it's not a torrential downpour, I plan on slogging along for 13 miles in the rain.  Worst case scenario, I take it easy on Saturday and just finish the race and find another fall half marathon to really rock it.  Fingers crossed the rain gods take it easy on me from 7-9am ...