Monday, September 14, 2015

Things I like to hear while running

Happy Monday! Today Anderson and I took it to the greenway and surrounding sidewalks to do my weekly scheduled 5 miler.

I wore my new Brooks Pure Cadence sneakers and he wore a bear beanie since it was 50 degrees at the start of our run.

While running I caught up to a guy running and passed him. As I ran by he said, "not only are you running faster than me, but you're pushing a stroller."

Why yes dude I am pretty hardcore in case you didn't realize it. Actually no, I was flattered since my runs with Anderson are usually right under 10 minute/miles.

After we ran 5.4 miles I walked another 0.6 miles to extend his nap a bit.

Next runs this week are two 3 milers and a 12 miler this weekend. Three weeks until the half marathon!

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