Monday, September 7, 2015

Six months - Anderson

We are half way to your 1st birthday Anderson!  This past month has been full of changes ...
  • it's been just over a month of being on formula
  • after a 2nd round of blood work at the allergist it was determined you were allergic to dogs and we sent Honey to live in Florida with your grandparents
  • you've been eating solids at least once a day, most days twice, and have had sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, green beans, and prunes on a no-poop day
  • you've slept through the night without a swaddle on more than one occasion
  • you traveled to Durham, NC where you had another round of allergy testing (this time skin testing) and we found that you were NOT allergic to dogs but were still allergic to eggs, dairy, nuts, and now sesame (no hummus for you)

Anderson's 6 month check up isn't until Thursday but he was weighed last Tuesday while at Duke's Children's hospital.
  • 15.5 pounds
  • 26 inches
Aside from eating solids once or twice a day, Anderson has been drinking formula 4-5 times, 6-8 ounces each time.

He's outgrown most 6 month clothing and has been wearing a lot more 9 month clothes. 

Along with sleeping (mostly) through the night, he's been taking 1-3 naps a day.  It's definitely a battle with napping with both of my kids.  I don't get it; what's not to love about all types of sleep?

We've seen a lot more rolling over and sitting up with support from mom or dad.  Lots of babble and laughing but no words yet.  I've begun to teach you some sign language in hopes of making the lines of communication broader. 

Your face lights up when you see Mason walk into the room ... until he bites your finger or hurts you in some other way.  You're still his biggest fan and I can't wait until the day when you both can play ... and finally leave mom alone for a few minutes :) 

You had a rough summer with all of your eczema/food allergy nonsense and I think we've put a lot of that behind us.  You seem so much happier, your skin is way clearer, and your hair has been growing back.  We haven't had to give you any itching/allergy medication in over a week and I really hope we don't have to any time soon.  Here's to another great month!

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