Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The day wouldn't wait for me

Last night Ryan and I did what most neurotic, exercise-centered people do, and plan out our workout for the next day. Ryan took the "holy crap it's still dark out" shift and I said I would run when he got back from the YMCA so I could be showered in time to make breakfast for my hungry crew.

It all seemed like a good plan until I found myself in Anderson's room at 9:30, 10:45, 12:00, and finally around 1. Mind you he only ate one of those times ... The rest was spent rolling back and forth being super uncomfortable as I tried to shove the pacifier in his mouth.

By the time Ryan's alarm went off at 5 and he finally got up at 5:15, I figured I would not be doing an early morning run and would just try to get a few more minutes of sleep.

Then Anderson woke up at 5:30 to eat. Sigh. I fed him and got him back to sleep, as he stared at me smiling. I know it's not his fault that his eczema is so severe that he's on his third allergy medication, an antibiotic, and a new kind of formula. But it's taxing and exhausting and pockets of sleep are not sustainable.

As I got back into bed I saw Ryan's text saying he was on his way back home. I told him I was skipping my run and going back to sleep. But the more I thought about it I realized I wouldn't be able to fit in a run any other time of the day. With a looming race on Saturday I knew it was now or never. I dragged myself out of bed and wrote Ryan back that I changed my mind and would run. I was laced up and ready to go as he entered the garage and we handed off the babysitting baton so to speak.

I ran while the moon looked on and lit the way for me in the otherwise dark street. On the way back from my short 3 miles, I saw the sun rise and paint the sky a pretty pink and purple.

I huffed and puffed my way inside the house when I was done and was greeted with ice cold water from Ryan and the announcement that Mason was already awake.

It was just 6:45am for god sakes! But I was right, the day wouldn't wait for me to get my act together. Tired or not the day had started and it was time to get going.

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