Saturday, July 25, 2015

Running is hard without wheat

Day 2 is coming to an end of my new breastfeeding diet. I'm still tweaking my meals and found myself making pancakes this morning using oatmeal flour and a flax egg. The things you do for your three year old ... I want pancakes mom!!!

I found myself snacking on a rice cake with sunflower seed butter and grape jelly around 11 and then by 1 I was starving. I made myself a turkey wrap on a corn tortilla with honey mustard, spinach, and pickles.

Then it was time to rock my "long" run of the week. I managed 6 miles in 52 minutes and was BEAT. Clearly I haven't figured out fueling before a run yet. So far I'm down two pounds in two days and I think it's from dehydration (I weighed myself after my run today, although I downed a glass of water first).

Once I showered I devoured a bowl of rice crispies with coconut milk and chopped bananas as a second lunch/afternoon snack.

After a trip to Whole Foods I am now stocked on some more diet friendly food items including gluten (wheat) free beer. Joy.

I'm dragging Ryan along for this diet change and since he took Mason out for lunch, they dined on cheeseburgers. Sigh. I will eat you once again ... Promise. Hope everyone else is getting their fill of dairy, soy, almonds, peanuts, wheat, and eggs!

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