Friday, July 24, 2015

my new diet

I really hate using the D word ... DIET.  My latest diet has nothing to do with losing weight.  Although for keeping track of it during this experiment I am currently 108 pounds, my pre-pregnancy weight.

As mentioned previously, Anderson has a whole lot of skin issues.  Mainly eczema and what appears to be a million food allergies which could be causing the skin trouble.  After weeks and weeks of struggling to keep him comfortable and itch-free, I finally took him to an allergist.  I don't want to jump the gun, but hallelujah!  What a noticeable change in just 1 or 2 days. 

She switched him from taking Benadryl every 6 hours to just having Zyrtec once a day.  Its crazy to think that a 4 month old is on such severe allergy medication but what can you do?

She also tested his blood for food allergies ... and this is where my new diet comes in.  We have two choices, switch him to the formula Elecare and forgo any further breastfeeding OR change my diet.

After seeing that Elecare costs close to $40 a can (roughly $350 a month) I decided to eliminate those allergens from my diet that may be causing Anderson harm.

For 2-4 weeks I will no longer eat: dairy, almonds, peanuts, soy, eggs, wheat.

Fortunately I have already been dairy free for almost 2 weeks, so that isn't too much of a change.  When I went dairy free I switched to all soy based products as substitutes ... think soy mayo and artificial butter.  I was already doing almond milk and coconut milk coffee creamer and yogurt.  The allergy to almonds really sucks because I use almonds in EVERYTHING ... almond butter, almond granola, almond milk ice cream.  Sigh.

So here we are 3 meals in to my new diet.  Fortunately I can still have oatmeal and grains such as quinoa and rice.  I stocked up on new pastas and coconut flour to have some options in the kitchen.  I can also have all the meats, fruits, and vegetables that I want.  Yay to bacon! 

The dessert aspect is what is going to kill me.  Last night I made a banana/chia seed/coconut milk pudding that wasn't bad and right now I'm working on a rice pudding with cinnamon and coconut milk.  I'm also going to try some pancakes tomorrow morning using oatmeal and coconut flours and flax meal as the binder.  We'll see. 

I just want Anderson to feel better and the thought of him being under so much pain for so long breaks my heart.  Fingers crossed this diet thing ends up being the cure! 

And for those wondering what we will do after the 4 weeks ... I'm not sure.  If there is an obvious improvement from the elimination of those foods then I will try to introduce them back one at a time to see exactly which one is the culprit.  OR if I'm completely over this experiment we'll go the formula route and become poor.  Joking.  Kind of. 

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