Monday, June 8, 2015

Three months - Anderson

Three days late ... I can't seem to post these monthly updates on time.  At this point I can barely find time to shower, especially on days when Ryan is out of town.  Being a "single" parent for any amount of time for any amount of children is hard.  I give mad credit to those who do it all the time ... fortunately I only have to deal with Ryan being out of town 3 days a week, 2-3 weeks out of the month.  But those days when it is just me, the three-nager, and the infant, oh and the needy family dog, THINGS ARE HARD. 

Anyways this isn't an update on how I handle raising you and your brother when dad is out of town ... this is an update on my big THREE MONTH OLD. 

Anderson puts up with a lot.  And usually he does it with a smile or with minimal fuss.  He's such a trooper all day long, being toted back and forth wherever we go because of Mason.  I'm hoping this will develop into his personality as he grows up ... just a laid back dude.

We've had a lot of fun taking the boys to the pool so far this summer.  Anderson usually sleeps in his car seat and then I feed him underneath a huge pool umbrella.  
He's been eating every 3-5 hours and sleeping longer stretches at night.  We've gotten some 5-6 hour stretches which is encouraging but are still struggling with naps during the day.  If he's out and about with us he sleeps well in the carseat but at home it's hard to get him to sleep longer than 45 minutes. 

Anderson has pretty dry skin and has been diagnosed with eczema which SUCKS.  His skin is in a constant state of irritation.  His cradle cap is almost 100% gone, but that also means so is most of his hair.  As the scales would fall off, so would patches of the hair. 

He's been "talking" to us which is fun to listen to.  Just a bunch of baby babble.  Can't wait until he says mama for the first time.  He's also been holding up his head so much better ... Ryan has already introduced the "Bumbo" for other seating arrangements. 

I know everyone says that time goes by too quickly, which is true, but it doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to all of the other milestones you'll hit soon.  

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