Monday, June 8, 2015

Noda 5k recap

This past Saturday, June 6th, I ran the NoDa 5k for my 2nd year in a row.  There's just something about getting rewarded with beer that really motivates me to run.  I was worried about running in this race because I was getting over my foot injury, but felt that I would take it easy if needed.
The race was scheduled to start at 6pm but ran about 5 minutes late ... I think because of the train schedule?  I could be completely wrong, just guessing.  At this point in the day it was already 90 degrees and super humid.  It was gross and hot and I felt like I was melting during the run. 
Ryan and the boys were driving around town waiting for me to finish ... they had dropped me off 10 minutes before the race start.  Knowing that they were waiting on me pushed me to run a little faster. 
I somehow managed to finish the race in 23:20 minutes ... I was the 67th runner to cross the finish line.  I was the 10th female finisher, and even placed 3rd in my age group
Although I ran the race 1:09 minutes slower than last year, I still had a great time.  The race shirts were awesome (triblend racerback tanks for the chicks) and every finisher received a medal with a bottle opener.  Plus there were 2 cold beers waiting for me! 

I can't wait to run this race next year!

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