Monday, June 22, 2015

3 things that sped up my run

on Saturday I was able to take my run outdoors instead of running around an indoor track.  I headed to the local greenway to knock out 4 miles. 

By the time I started my run it was close to 100 degrees out.  Not only was it super hot, it was really humid (based on Charlotte norms, not Florida).  As I ran along the partially paved path a HUGE snake slithered across.  I don't care if it was JUST a black garden snake; the thing was at least 2 feet long and still super scary and gross.

1.  heat
2.  humidity
3.  large snakes

Those are the 3 things that made me want to finish my run faster than normal.  Unfortunately I've lost quite a bit of speed since my right foot was injured and didn't finish as quickly as I would've liked but all in all it was a good (albeit sweaty) run.

How's everyone else handling the summer heat? 

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