Thursday, May 21, 2015

Treehouse Whiskey and Fork - Cheeseburger review

Usually when we have a guest in town (hi Jacqui) Ryan and I like to take them out to one of our favorite restaurants.  This time we thought we would try something new to all of us ... this is how we stumbled upon Treehouse Whiskey and Fork.  

The restaurant only is only a few miles away and seemed like a casual dining spot, making it the perfect choice for 2 small children and 3 thirsty and hungry adults.

We went on a Monday night, 1/2 off specialty cocktails, and Jacqui and I opted for a Berry Bourbon drink which was quite strong and tasty.

As far as the meals go we all settled on different burgers ... even Mason ordered a cheeseburger off the kids menu.

Classic Burger $10.50
Double patty all chuck beef, American cheese, sautéed mushrooms, applewood bacon onion rings and special sauce.
Being a burger traditionalist I went with their "classic burger."  I did ask for it no mushrooms and the onion rings ended up coming on the side straight out of the fryer.  I also removed the lettuce and tomato and asked for pickles instead. 
I loved that the two patties did not make the burger too huge and difficult to eat.  I don't remember being asked how I wanted my burger cooked; I think it's because the patties are so thin that they end up just being cooked well done.  Which was fine with me since the taste of the burger patties was spot on.  It could have also been due to the special sauce they added (Russian).
As my side I went with tater tots but ate my share of Mason's sweet potato waffle fries.  Those were delicious, although slightly over-salted.
Overall our experience at Treehouse Whiskey and Fork was delightful.  Everyone enjoyed their drinks and burgers.  The manager was super attentive and stopped by a few times to check on us.  Our server was a doll and super sweet.  I would totally go back for another burger ... or even try something different on their menu :)

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