Thursday, May 21, 2015

A new to me injury

After weeks of blissful running it finally happened. I got injured. And I'm not entirely sure running is to blame. I think it might've been a barre class I took last Sunday. My right heel is so sore. I ran on it Monday and Tuesday but after expressing my concern to Ryan he convinced me to take it easy until my race on Saturday.

So I took it easy yesterday ... No running. Today I couldn't handle the inactivity so I'm sitting on a bike cycling away. Since my heel is immobile and my leg is doing the work, I think this form of exercise is ok until my heel feels better. Which hopefully will be Saturday.

I'm still battling 5 pounds of pregnancy weight and can't sit around with an injury. It might help if I stopped eating cookies every night after I put the boys to bed.

On the racing front I signed up for the NoDa 5k on June 6th. Should be a good time since they have beer at the finish line. I rocked the race last year and placed in my age group (even went shirtless in just a sports bra) but am far from that point this year.

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