Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A weekend of firsts

This past weekend was full of highs and lows.

Lows -
Anderson had his first fever. It didn't go over 99.8 degrees so fortunately there weren't any trips to the doctor or urgent care ... Just a really sad grouchy baby

My heel/foot was still super sore so I decided to skip out on the Speedstreet 5k Saturday morning. It's the first time I think I didn't run a race I had signed up for. I'm trying to rest my foot so I'm well enough for the NoDa 5k in 1.5 weeks.

Highs -
Our first pool day of the summer happened. Everyone had a good time. Even Anderson ... I think.

Mason went to his first live performance ... Sesame Street and had a blast. Glad dad was there to take him to something so fun.

Weekends are always an interesting time for us ... Having two kids means anything can happen, good or bad. Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend celebrating Memorial Day!

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Leg day at the gym

As I'm slowly rehab-ing my foot/heel I figured a leg strengthening day is what I needed.

First I cycled 4 miles on the seated bike, walked/jogged 1 mile on the treadmill, then headed to the weight machines.

Leg extension
55 pounds
3 sets 8 reps

Leg curl
50 pounds
2 sets 12 reps

Leg press
120 pounds
3 sets of 8 reps

I focused on my quadriceps and hamstrings today. Hoping if I make my leg stronger I won't run into any more heel discomfort. It's been a week since my last run and I'm missing it.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Luna's Living Kitchen - Veggie burger review

Another place that I took my friend Jacqui to dine at was Luna's Living Kitchen

from their website,
 "We specialize in the art of living foods, serving
organic, plant-based cuisine, smoothies and
cold-pressed juices.
Luna’s supports local, organic farmers, buying
seasonal produce multiple times a week from
farmers markets and individual,
family-owned farms. By putting living food on
your plate, we hope to give life to your day and
energy to your body."

After looking over the menu we decided to split an appetizer and entrée.  We thought the "Skinny Witch" veggie burger sounded good and went ahead and ordered that along with a side of their broccoli waldorf salad. 

Our famous quinoa-kamut veggie burger served on locally baked, vegan, multigrain bread  ‐ $10 
Skinny Witch  - topped with cucumber, sprouts and local “Pickleville” relish 

The veggie burger was one of the better ones I've eaten while in Charlotte.  We opted for it to be served on the multigrain bread rather than the collard greens it was listed with.

It was a nice change of pace to enjoy such fresh food rather than the usual fried and fattening versions I prefer.

If you're looking for a tasty veggie burger stop by Luna's Living Kitchen and enjoy eating in their open and lofty space. 

Treehouse Whiskey and Fork - Cheeseburger review

Usually when we have a guest in town (hi Jacqui) Ryan and I like to take them out to one of our favorite restaurants.  This time we thought we would try something new to all of us ... this is how we stumbled upon Treehouse Whiskey and Fork.  

The restaurant only is only a few miles away and seemed like a casual dining spot, making it the perfect choice for 2 small children and 3 thirsty and hungry adults.

We went on a Monday night, 1/2 off specialty cocktails, and Jacqui and I opted for a Berry Bourbon drink which was quite strong and tasty.

As far as the meals go we all settled on different burgers ... even Mason ordered a cheeseburger off the kids menu.

Classic Burger $10.50
Double patty all chuck beef, American cheese, sautéed mushrooms, applewood bacon onion rings and special sauce.
Being a burger traditionalist I went with their "classic burger."  I did ask for it no mushrooms and the onion rings ended up coming on the side straight out of the fryer.  I also removed the lettuce and tomato and asked for pickles instead. 
I loved that the two patties did not make the burger too huge and difficult to eat.  I don't remember being asked how I wanted my burger cooked; I think it's because the patties are so thin that they end up just being cooked well done.  Which was fine with me since the taste of the burger patties was spot on.  It could have also been due to the special sauce they added (Russian).
As my side I went with tater tots but ate my share of Mason's sweet potato waffle fries.  Those were delicious, although slightly over-salted.
Overall our experience at Treehouse Whiskey and Fork was delightful.  Everyone enjoyed their drinks and burgers.  The manager was super attentive and stopped by a few times to check on us.  Our server was a doll and super sweet.  I would totally go back for another burger ... or even try something different on their menu :)

A new to me injury

After weeks of blissful running it finally happened. I got injured. And I'm not entirely sure running is to blame. I think it might've been a barre class I took last Sunday. My right heel is so sore. I ran on it Monday and Tuesday but after expressing my concern to Ryan he convinced me to take it easy until my race on Saturday.

So I took it easy yesterday ... No running. Today I couldn't handle the inactivity so I'm sitting on a bike cycling away. Since my heel is immobile and my leg is doing the work, I think this form of exercise is ok until my heel feels better. Which hopefully will be Saturday.

I'm still battling 5 pounds of pregnancy weight and can't sit around with an injury. It might help if I stopped eating cookies every night after I put the boys to bed.

On the racing front I signed up for the NoDa 5k on June 6th. Should be a good time since they have beer at the finish line. I rocked the race last year and placed in my age group (even went shirtless in just a sports bra) but am far from that point this year.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 5k recap

On Sunday I ran the Mother's Day 5k in South Park. The race started at 8am which was a nice change of pace from earlier start times.

I had picked up my shirt and race number the day before but arrived early on Sunday to pick up my timing chip.

It's a pretty small race (234 females, 92 males) and I was happy to start in the front of the pack by the timing belt. I had my cheerleaders waiting for my finish which helped motivate me to run faster.

I started off a little fast and finished mile 1 in 7:06 minutes.  The hills started coming and I found myself slowing down quite a bit.  I finished the 2nd mile in 14:50 minutes (7:44 pace).  By this point I had lost more steam and two women were able to pass me.  I managed to pick up the pace a bit to finish mile 3 in 22:29 minutes (7:39 pace).  Official chip time was 23:20 minutes.

Not my fastest 5k time but good enough for 1st place in my age group Females 30-34.  We left after the race to grab some breakfast at Terrace Café and finished in time to return to the race location for the awards ceremony.  My prize was a $20 gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods. 

Not a bad way to start off Mother's Day. 
Who would've thought that 66 days after giving birth to Anderson I would be running a 5k in 23:20 minutes?  Not me ... definitely not me.  I still have a long way to go but hope my speed comes back soon!

Two months - Anderson

This 2 month update comes a week late with no other excuse other than life got in the way.

Anderson -
You've continued to try new tricks such as rolling over and smiling.

You've moved from our bedroom to your crib in your own room.

Napping has been difficult during the day because of a certain loud big brother but you nap like a champ in the car seat while we are out and about.

You continue to spend time at the gym daycare and so far don't mind it.

You have a love/hate relationship with the pacifier, and that's ok. You've found your hands and have used those to self soothe.

You had a 2 month check up at the doctors and received two vaccines (which you hated). Although your weight isn't as much as Mason's was at 2 months, you are the same length.

Weight - 12 lb 14 oz 61%
Height - 23.25" 57%

You've had night time sleep stretches between 4-5 hours which makes me happy, but otherwise you eat every 3-3.5 hours.

Your brother loves you so much and I can't wait until you can interact with him. Sometimes you laugh at something he does and he beams with pride.

You're almost out of wearing size 0-3 months clothes ... and for some reason the Gerber onesies size 3-6 are also getting too tight.  I don't dress you up as much as I used to with Mason because I'm realizing it's much easier to throw on a onesie and hit the road. 

I love our brief alone time ... although I breastfeed you 6-8 times a day, most of that time is hurried and distracted. 

Looking forward to more updates ... and like everyone says I can't believe time is going by so fast. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

April running in review

I had my first full month of running since giving birth to Anderson.  During the month of April I surprised myself with how many miles I was able to run.  My body definitely repaired itself much faster than with my previous pregnancy/labor and delivery.

total miles - 68.37 miles
total number of runs - 23
longest distance - 5.05 miles on 4/26
shortest distance - 2 mile on 4/16
average distance - 2.97 miles
fastest pace - 7:26 min/mile on 4/30
slowest pace - 10:33 min/mile on 4/18
The month of May is bringing my first 2 races of the year ... I.  CANNOT.  WAIT. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Organic Uber greens by Suja

After my slow and very sluggish 4 mile run at the Harris YMCA this morning I tried a new flavor of Suja Essentials juice ...

At only 50 calories I was excited to try this green juice. Unfortunately it was not one of my favorites. It tasted like what I would guess freshly cut grass tastes like. I definitely prefer the Suja green juice with apple juice as one of its ingredients. It's much sweeter and more palatable.

Does anyone else drink these as much as I do? I was lucky to find a huge bottle of the stuff this past Sunday at Costco. Way cheaper than these individual bottles.

Will run for donuts

On Saturday morning I took a new to me class at the Morrison YMCA. It was called "booty barre" and it was tough!

Class description from the Morrison YMCA website:

A spicy, energetic, fun workout that fuses fitness techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. You don’t need any dance experience and you certainly don’t need a partner! The Booty Barre® method is the perfect combination of strength flexibility, and entertainment!

I was already feeling sore after the 60 minute class but figured I would be even MORE sore the following day. Because of that I decided to do my 6 miler Saturday afternoon.

My only motivation during my run was eating a fresh baked donut picked up earlier at Hall Family Farm.

Holy deliciousness! Sadly there are no more donuts left.