Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thirty six months (3 years)

This update on Mason comes a little late ... after all, he turned 3 years old on March 29th.  Better late than never right?

I was actually waiting for his check up at the doctor's office and it was this morning. 

height - 3' 3.4" (89 percentile)
weight - 36 pounds (86 percentile)

Not sure how this kid continues to be so tall!

The doctor also mentioned it's time for Mason to visit a dentist ... that should be an interesting event.

Oh Mason where to begin ... you thankfully have adopted the art of napping once again.  It's not consistent, but you do manage to nap a few days out of the week.  The rest of the time you stay locked in the room for some much needed quiet time.

You love drinking unsweetened vanilla almond milk every morning and alternate between cinnamon raisin English muffins for breakfast and French toast sticks, along with whatever fruit we have at the moment.

Your latest lunch of choice is peanut butter and jelly rollups (pb&j on a flour tortilla, rolled up and cut into 4 pieces).  You also love raisins, goldfish, apples, cheese, and occasionally grapes.  You recently discovered juice and have not asked for it but have had it at a birthday party or two.

Your treat for taking a nap is a piece of candy ... jelly beans or chocolate.  There is no turning back on candy, but you're pretty reasonable and only eat one that has been allotted. 

You love superheroes, whether its Superman, Batman, or Spiderman.

You are super proficient at using the iPad, especially since your baby brother has been born.  It thankfully has saved us from sending you away to boarding school.

You love going to school and seeing your friends and have started a new gymnastics studio where I drop you off once a week. 

You love spending Saturdays with your dad ... each week he takes you on a fun adventure, complete with lunch afterwards! 

I love you like crazy even though days have gotten long with your three year old tantrums ... they are nothing like those measly two year old tantrums.

You have done better with holding your peepee during naps and even managed to have a dry diaper last night for the first time EVER!  You actually took off your diaper and put on undies, unbeknownst to your parents, before falling asleep.

You're wonderful Mason Alexander.

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