Saturday, April 4, 2015

Postpartum #2 - week 4

Not a whole lot to report ... still about 7 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.  Still getting used to not sleeping at night and not taking any naps during the day.  Still eating WAY too many sweets and desserts.

Kind of over this whole postpartum period.  I mean I just had a baby and there has been so much change and adjustment.  At what point does one really get used to all of that?  I honestly can't remember when things finally got under control when Mason was a baby.  Who knows when I'll feel like everything is under control this time around?  It. Is. Hard.

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful family ... Anderson fits in perfectly and I know some day things will get easier and I'll be in a groove.  I just don't feel it right now.  I'm tired and cranky and eating way too much chocolate to compensate for my frustration. 

Fortunately running has been an outlet like always.  I still sneak away as much as I can to jog a couple of miles.  Fingers crossed I stop eating my weight in sugar and can get those last few pounds off while re-building some missing muscle mass. 

I have my post baby appointment at the gynecologist on the 15th so I'm sure I'll report back what the doctor says. 

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