Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One month - Anderson

Although I did weekly updates when Mason was a baby, I knew that wouldn't be realistic this time around.  I'm lucky I had time to jot down a few notes during the past month about Anderson (sorry kid I'll try to make it more fair to be the 2nd child).

Week 1 -
After leaving the hospital and heading home, the highlight of week 1 was heading to the pediatrician's office for a weight check.  Fortunately you gained most of the weight you had lost since being born. 

weight 6 pounds, 14 ounces

Week 2 -
highlights include going to Trader Joe's with mom and having your umbilical cord fall out (gross!).

Week 3 -
the breast pump is out and bottles have been given, both by my mom and by Ryan.  so far you don't hate them.  you've also taken to using a pacifier, which Mason hated as a baby.

Week 4 -
We've been pushing feedings to at least 3 hours apart and so far you've handled it like a champ.  you went to your first brewery and slept the entire time.  don't you know there's beer there?

One month -
At the end of one month you've already managed to roll over!  I think it was a fluke; you were laying on your stomach on the couch and when I came back into the living room you were on your back.  SLOW DOWN.  You have a really strong neck and do lots of tummy time. 
You also had another doctor's appointment where they measured your weight and height and administered a vaccine (ouch!).
weight 10 pounds 2 ounces
height 21.6 inches
You're still sleeping in a cradle device in our room but are getting closer to the big move to your crib.  Most naps are done in the crib so I know you can do it! 
Can't wait to see what the two month update includes. 

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