Friday, March 27, 2015

Postpartum #2 - week 3

Don't worry these postpartum updates will finish up after my doctor's appointment in early April.  Just trying to keep myself accountable ... especially with the amount of desserts, chocolate, candy, and ice cream I've been having.  Birthdays aside (mine and Mason's) there is no excuse for the amount of sugar/calories I've been ingesting. 

I'm about 6-7 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight.  If I ate better I could probably be down more but I'm ok with losing about 1 pound a week. 

I'm still really flabby.  Hoping the skin around my midsection tightens up at some point. 

I still have my linea nigra in full force.

I've been running almost daily but have been going at a slow pace.  I haven't run over 3 miles.

I haven't done any other sort of work out, aside from some free weights. 

I am very grouchy and cranky ... I'm blaming it on hormones and lack of sleep. My parents left yesterday morning and I had my first outing with both boys on my own.  I took them to the library and the grocery store.  Mason ran out into the parking lot which is a major No-No, unbuckled his car seat on his own (also very bad), but other than that I think we did well for our 1.5 hour errands. 

I've done well with the caffeine intake ... just trying to keep it at one cup of coffee in the morning.  One LARGE cup of coffee that is. 

I've been eating oatmeal almost every morning to assist in milk supply.  I still haven't regulated my supply which leads to breast milk soaked shirts most of the day.  I've been using those reusable cotton breast pads but they get soaked quickly and the lingering smell of dried breast milk nauseates me.

Looking forward to updating everyone on Anderson when I do his one month post on April 5th.  I may wait until the 6th when he has his doctor's appointment. 

Happy Friday!

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