Thursday, March 19, 2015

Postpartum #2 - week 2

Week 2 of having baby Anderson has been rough ... all of the exhaustion has finally set in and I am not feeling like myself.  I am angry, impatient, grouchy, emotional, and tired.  Oh.  So.  Tired. 

I'm lucky to have gotten outside for a couple of jogs this past week.  Those couple of miles have been my only free time; away from both kids and general life stuff.  I've even managed to take Mason to the gym daycare twice in the past week in order to give all family members a break from him and his toddler antics.

I'm about 8 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight.

Most soreness is gone from "down there"

Still some bleeding (lochia) but nothing crazy ... its been tapering off like it should be

I smell like dried breastmilk ALL THE TIME.  it's terrible.  waiting for my milk supply to regulate itself.

I'm still eating sweets and desserts like crazy ... hoping my sweet tooth subsides soon

I can't expect to lose all of the weight gained during pregnancy in such a short time; after all it took 40 weeks to put on.

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