Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New running shoes

I ran my last miles yesterday until baby brother is born. That didn't stop me from going to Charlotte Running Company and picking up a new pair of running shoes. I had a gift card from last year's birthday and figured I should use that before this year's birthday sneaks up in 2 weeks :)

I went with the new wave inspire by Mizuno. I am going to try to score another pair of Brooks online for cheaper but loved how the Mizunos fit while at the store. They are my second pair of wave inspires, and third pair of Mizunos. I've stuck with Brooks for the most part but have noticed that I like mixing up the brands in my rotation.

I can't wait to break them in once I have the baby and get the go ahead from the doctor. For now they will sit patiently in their box until I am ready for them!

1 comment:

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