Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anderson's birth story: Part 2

After the doctor broke my water around 5pm the contractions slowly started increasing intensity.  At this point I had my Pitocin drip stopped (it had been going for a couple of hours at the lowest level because I had contractions going on my own).  They were worried the contractions would get too strong before I had time to get an epidural. 

Since I was still handling the contractions pretty well I thought I could keep on waiting ... fortunately I had the foresight to request the epidural to be done when the anesthesiologist was available and not to wait much longer.  Unfortunately for me, it was a super busy night in the maternity ward and the anesthesiologist had been called into an emergency C-section.  As I sat and waited my contractions progressively got more intense and I found myself in major discomfort and pain.

The anesthesiologist strolled in around 7:30pm and began the procedure of inserting my epidural.  Let's just say he didn't do the best job and after 3 (painful) attempts he finally got the needle in.  Spoiler alert, the epidural was the worst pain of the entire day of labor.

So once the epidural started working I found myself drifting away to sleep.  I could still feel the contractions coming but they weren't as intense/painful.  I napped for most of the next 2 hours until the doctor came back to check my progress.  I was 9 cm dilated and almost ready to go by 10pm.  The doctor said she would come back in 45 minutes unless I started to feel pressure "down there" in which case it would be time to rock 'n roll. 

20 minutes later I started to get that feeling of pressure and told the nurse I think I was ready to go.  Sure enough the doctor came back and told me that I would be pushing at least 3 times during each contraction.  In less than 10 minutes I had 2-3 contractions and was able to push the baby out using more effort and energy than I thought was every humanly possible.  It's crazy what the human body is capable of.  It was even crazier to see what MY body was capable of.  I was so proud of myself and how strong I had been. 

Seeing the doctor pull the baby out sent me into hysterics.  I was so unbelievably happy to see his squirmy little body.

At 10:39pm Anderson Patrick joined us.  He was 21 inches long and weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces. 

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