Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anderson's birth story: Part 1

At a recent doctors appointment, my Ob suggested scheduling an induction before my actual due date, based on the fact I still wanted to try to deliver vaginally and a smaller baby would theoretically be easier to deliver.

So March 5th was the date picked. I would be called by the hospital that morning to be told whether or not to come in, pending on room at the inn.

That Thursday morning went by without a call until 8:15am from my doctor saying I was next in the line to be called and should have faith that it was still happening. (Calls were supposed to be made as early as 5:00am). The doctor told me to go ahead and eat something since I hadn't had anything in hopes of admittance. I made myself a fried egg and 1 piece of toast, along with a small glass of orange juice.

By 9:00 the hospital called and I was told to hang in there, they should let me know by 11:30am if it was happening today or not.

Fortunately around 10:45 I got a second call from the hospital to come on in. I quickly got ready and grabbed our bags and after Ryan ate a quick lunch we were on our way. It was hard saying bye to Mason but I felt so much better knowing he was with his grandparents.

After being admitted I found myself staring at the room's clock located on the wall directly in front of me.
- 5 hours have since gone by (since walking in around 11:30am)
- I've eaten 3 cups of Jello (and am still starving)
- the doctor broke my water 15 minutes ago and I'm sitting in a wet mess (where is all of this fluid coming from???)
- Ryan has excused himself to the cafeteria for some dinner
- I am so, so hungry!

Now we wait for the real fun ...

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