Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Propét Shoe Review

Although this blog post is sponsored by Propet, the opinions on the shoes are entirely my own.  I would not post a review on a product I truly did not enjoy wearing or using.  Thanks for the support surrounding sponsored posts!

Back in late November a representative from Propet Shoe Company reached out to me about trying out some of their shoes.  She had read my pregnancy post (week 24) and thought that extra support for my feet would help me out during the rest of my pregnancy. 

The Rejuve product line has been known for providing great support for your feet while pregnant, particularly during the third trimester (according to the representative)

She sent me a pair of the "Morgan" shoe along with a pair of slippers, "Convertible Bootie."

from their website, "It's the perfect package. A cozy velour slipper with a soft faux fur lining complete with our Rejuve Motion Technology. The patent-pending U-shaped design built into our advanced sole system is biomechanically designed to promote a natural gait, indoors or out!"

I wore these shoes outdoors, when I was doing errands or just out and about.  I wore them to numerous of my doctor's appointments and would always get complimented on them.  They provided my feet tons of support and the fuzzy inside was perfect for those cold winter months. 

The Convertible Bootie has been my favorite pair of slippers EVER!  They are super comfortable and totally cute.  I love the "slate blue" color.  The booties kept my feet super warm and cozy during the winter.  Our house has wooden floors downstairs so I would always slip them on as soon as I headed down there.  No one likes cold floors when its less than 10 degrees outside!  Although they can be worn outdoors I kept these for indoors only since we have a strict no shoes inside the house policy :)

from their website, "What an adorable little slipper this is. Your feet will be covered in cozy warmth when you slip this on at the end of a long day. The faux fur collar can be folded up or down, but either way, you'll love the comfort. And the indoor/outdoor TPR outsole makes the occasional trip outdoors super easy."

Neither style of shoe comes in half sizes so I received both pairs in size 7, up from my usual size 6.5.  Both fit well ... the booties were slightly roomier which is great when you're looking for slippers.  The Morgans were a little more form fitting, which I think aids in the support.

You can find these shoes on websites such as zappos.com and even dsw.com! 

Thanks to Propet for providing me two pairs of comfortable and supportive shoes to wear during the rest of my pregnancy and especially during the cold Charlotte winter we experienced!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Postpartum #2 - week 3

Don't worry these postpartum updates will finish up after my doctor's appointment in early April.  Just trying to keep myself accountable ... especially with the amount of desserts, chocolate, candy, and ice cream I've been having.  Birthdays aside (mine and Mason's) there is no excuse for the amount of sugar/calories I've been ingesting. 

I'm about 6-7 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight.  If I ate better I could probably be down more but I'm ok with losing about 1 pound a week. 

I'm still really flabby.  Hoping the skin around my midsection tightens up at some point. 

I still have my linea nigra in full force.

I've been running almost daily but have been going at a slow pace.  I haven't run over 3 miles.

I haven't done any other sort of work out, aside from some free weights. 

I am very grouchy and cranky ... I'm blaming it on hormones and lack of sleep. My parents left yesterday morning and I had my first outing with both boys on my own.  I took them to the library and the grocery store.  Mason ran out into the parking lot which is a major No-No, unbuckled his car seat on his own (also very bad), but other than that I think we did well for our 1.5 hour errands. 

I've done well with the caffeine intake ... just trying to keep it at one cup of coffee in the morning.  One LARGE cup of coffee that is. 

I've been eating oatmeal almost every morning to assist in milk supply.  I still haven't regulated my supply which leads to breast milk soaked shirts most of the day.  I've been using those reusable cotton breast pads but they get soaked quickly and the lingering smell of dried breast milk nauseates me.

Looking forward to updating everyone on Anderson when I do his one month post on April 5th.  I may wait until the 6th when he has his doctor's appointment. 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sub 9's are possible

Well. After jogging for the past week and a half, I've finally averaged a sub 9 minute mile. I only ran 2.25 miles today but it felt good seeing the average pace be 8:59. Yesterday's 5k averaged 9:05 minute/mile so I knew I was close.

And yes. I know I haven't had my check up with the doctor after having Anderson but this delivery/labor and recovery has been way different than with Mason. I feel ok and am not pushing myself too hard, trust me.

Anderson doesn't even mind my sweatiness.

On a family related note I ventured out with both boys today. We hit up the library and grocery store.

We shockingly survived. Maybe there's hope for me yet!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Postpartum #2 - week 2

Week 2 of having baby Anderson has been rough ... all of the exhaustion has finally set in and I am not feeling like myself.  I am angry, impatient, grouchy, emotional, and tired.  Oh.  So.  Tired. 

I'm lucky to have gotten outside for a couple of jogs this past week.  Those couple of miles have been my only free time; away from both kids and general life stuff.  I've even managed to take Mason to the gym daycare twice in the past week in order to give all family members a break from him and his toddler antics.

I'm about 8 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight.

Most soreness is gone from "down there"

Still some bleeding (lochia) but nothing crazy ... its been tapering off like it should be

I smell like dried breastmilk ALL THE TIME.  it's terrible.  waiting for my milk supply to regulate itself.

I'm still eating sweets and desserts like crazy ... hoping my sweet tooth subsides soon

I can't expect to lose all of the weight gained during pregnancy in such a short time; after all it took 40 weeks to put on.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The best birthday ever!

I can't believe I have two gorgeous sons.

This year my birthday has truly been a blessed day and it's only 8:30am! I woke up a little earlier than usual due to a finicky newborn and a nightmare ridden toddler. But as I laid in bed watching Curious George I realized how lucky I was.

The rest of my birthday will include lunch with my love Ryan, a run in the gorgeous spring weather, pizza and cake with my parents and cute family, and going to bed by 8:30pm.

Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Bumpless at the gym

Today marks the first day in a loooooong time that I was at the gym without my baby bump. Whoa it's pretty crazy.

School was canceled for Mason today so I decided to give the household a break and take him to childcare at the YMCA. Everyone knows I couldn't just sit here and not do any exercise so I went through an easy 30 minute workout.

Good news is that I still feel great. I could've tried to do more around the indoor track but knew better. There is plenty of time to do miles once I am fully cleared by the doctor.

A very major part of my postpartum weight loss has been breastfeeding. I am so happy that it's going well with Anderson. I've also started to eat better ... No more eating for two excuse.

Lately it's been oatmeal for breakfast, a big salad during lunch or dinner, and a major cutback on meat (no real taste for it right now). I'm having lots of yogurt and fresh fruit as snacks and have curbed some of the dessert eating.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Postpartum #2 - week 1

I'm pretty sure I glossed over my postpartum period with Mason and fortunately got back into shape relatively quickly.

This time I wanted to document the process a little bit better ... mainly to have some accountability.

Since my last weight check was at 38 weeks, I'm going to say my final weight was probably 133.  My weight on 7/22 was 108 which I think was week 10.  So for argument's sake, let's say total weight gain was 25 pounds. 

As of this morning I'm about 10-12 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Today I took my first walk around the neighborhood (roughly 0.65 miles).  I'm feeling good but didn't want to push myself too much.

I'm thinking of heading to the gym tomorrow (need somewhere to take Mason) and figured I could do some more walking and maybe some weight training. 

I think I'm still riding the high of having a new baby and haven't really stopped to realize how extremely exhausted I truly am.  I am really lucky to have my parents in town to help with Mason ... lord help me when they leave.  I've gotten the chance to focus my energies on Anderson while still maintaining a quasi normal role in the household. 

There's definitely a belly left ... and I'm fitting into size 3 shorts at this point.  Slowly but surely I'll get back into shape. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I've signed up for my first postpartum race!

It's been 6 days since having Anderson Patrick ... 9 days since my last jog around town.

And with the gorgeous weather that Charlotte has experienced the past few days you can imagine I've been itching to lace up my shoes and hit the pavement.  Unfortunately running is out of the question ... for right now.  My body still needs time to heal properly. 

But in anticipation of regaining my running form, I've gone ahead and signed up for a 5k on May 10th.  That's a little over 8 weeks since Anderson's birthday.

The Mother's Day 5k is taking over the May Day 5k that I ran last year, held by Try Sports.

Mother's Day 5K
The race starts at 8am and takes place about 3-4 mile from our home.  Can't get more local than that!  Hopefully Ryan will be able to bring the boys along to watch mama race but I would totally understand if he stays at home and tries to keep them under control.
I'm super excited at the idea of racing again.  Hopefully I get cleared to run during my ob/gyn check up next month.  Until then I promise to keep it easy ... promise.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anderson's birth story: Part 2

After the doctor broke my water around 5pm the contractions slowly started increasing intensity.  At this point I had my Pitocin drip stopped (it had been going for a couple of hours at the lowest level because I had contractions going on my own).  They were worried the contractions would get too strong before I had time to get an epidural. 

Since I was still handling the contractions pretty well I thought I could keep on waiting ... fortunately I had the foresight to request the epidural to be done when the anesthesiologist was available and not to wait much longer.  Unfortunately for me, it was a super busy night in the maternity ward and the anesthesiologist had been called into an emergency C-section.  As I sat and waited my contractions progressively got more intense and I found myself in major discomfort and pain.

The anesthesiologist strolled in around 7:30pm and began the procedure of inserting my epidural.  Let's just say he didn't do the best job and after 3 (painful) attempts he finally got the needle in.  Spoiler alert, the epidural was the worst pain of the entire day of labor.

So once the epidural started working I found myself drifting away to sleep.  I could still feel the contractions coming but they weren't as intense/painful.  I napped for most of the next 2 hours until the doctor came back to check my progress.  I was 9 cm dilated and almost ready to go by 10pm.  The doctor said she would come back in 45 minutes unless I started to feel pressure "down there" in which case it would be time to rock 'n roll. 

20 minutes later I started to get that feeling of pressure and told the nurse I think I was ready to go.  Sure enough the doctor came back and told me that I would be pushing at least 3 times during each contraction.  In less than 10 minutes I had 2-3 contractions and was able to push the baby out using more effort and energy than I thought was every humanly possible.  It's crazy what the human body is capable of.  It was even crazier to see what MY body was capable of.  I was so proud of myself and how strong I had been. 

Seeing the doctor pull the baby out sent me into hysterics.  I was so unbelievably happy to see his squirmy little body.

At 10:39pm Anderson Patrick joined us.  He was 21 inches long and weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces. 

Anderson's birth story: Part 1

At a recent doctors appointment, my Ob suggested scheduling an induction before my actual due date, based on the fact I still wanted to try to deliver vaginally and a smaller baby would theoretically be easier to deliver.

So March 5th was the date picked. I would be called by the hospital that morning to be told whether or not to come in, pending on room at the inn.

That Thursday morning went by without a call until 8:15am from my doctor saying I was next in the line to be called and should have faith that it was still happening. (Calls were supposed to be made as early as 5:00am). The doctor told me to go ahead and eat something since I hadn't had anything in hopes of admittance. I made myself a fried egg and 1 piece of toast, along with a small glass of orange juice.

By 9:00 the hospital called and I was told to hang in there, they should let me know by 11:30am if it was happening today or not.

Fortunately around 10:45 I got a second call from the hospital to come on in. I quickly got ready and grabbed our bags and after Ryan ate a quick lunch we were on our way. It was hard saying bye to Mason but I felt so much better knowing he was with his grandparents.

After being admitted I found myself staring at the room's clock located on the wall directly in front of me.
- 5 hours have since gone by (since walking in around 11:30am)
- I've eaten 3 cups of Jello (and am still starving)
- the doctor broke my water 15 minutes ago and I'm sitting in a wet mess (where is all of this fluid coming from???)
- Ryan has excused himself to the cafeteria for some dinner
- I am so, so hungry!

Now we wait for the real fun ...

February running in review

Well ... aside from 2 days of jogging/walking in March, February was the last month I had any real running done during my pregnancy.

I didn't hit my "made up" mileage goal for the month but the fact that I continued to jog during the third trimester still impressed me.

total miles - 34.26 miles
total number of runs - 12
longest distance - 4.34 miles on 2/24
shortest distance - 1.5 miles on 2/20
average distance - 2.855 miles
fastest pace - 10:15 min/mile on 2/8
slowest pace - 14:24 min/mile on 2/27
I have a lot of work to do for the rest of the year if I want to surpass my mileage for 2014.  It's a goal that I've gladly accepted!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pregnancy #2 - week 39

And here we are ... another week down. 

No doctor's appointment since last Wednesday.  Nothing new to report ... lots of peeing all day long, lots of uncomfortable sleep (non-sleep), and general sluggishness.  I jogged my last couple of miles on Sunday and Monday. 

Gap Maternity brand tank extra small, Express leggings small

thebump.com provides the same size measurements for baby brother this week ... size of a watermelon, 18.9-20.9 inches, 6.2-9.2 pounds.  Basically just getting bigger and longer every day that he's in there. 

Pregnancy Symptoms at 39 Weeks

  • False labor. Usually these pains start in the front of your body and ease up when you switch positions. You'll know it's real labor when they start at the top of your uterus and become more frequent.
  • Water breaking. Call your doctor if you suspect yours has broken, or if you think you could be leaking amniotic fluid.
  • More heartburn, hemorrhoids, pelvic pressure and trouble catching your breath.
  • The urge to nest. Don't stress though -- you'll never get everything done.

And that's all I've got for this week ... got acupuncture on Monday in hopes of inducing labor.  Obviously it didn't work since I'm here giving a 39 week update.  I got my nails and toes done on Friday and am getting my eyebrows waxed and hair blown out this morning.  All in preparation of his arrival ... and so I don't have to worry about washing my hair for a while (I'll spare y'all the actual length of time I go without washing my hair).

Hopefully the next baby brother update will include his arrival.  If not see you at 40 weeks!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New running shoes

I ran my last miles yesterday until baby brother is born. That didn't stop me from going to Charlotte Running Company and picking up a new pair of running shoes. I had a gift card from last year's birthday and figured I should use that before this year's birthday sneaks up in 2 weeks :)

I went with the new wave inspire by Mizuno. I am going to try to score another pair of Brooks online for cheaper but loved how the Mizunos fit while at the store. They are my second pair of wave inspires, and third pair of Mizunos. I've stuck with Brooks for the most part but have noticed that I like mixing up the brands in my rotation.

I can't wait to break them in once I have the baby and get the go ahead from the doctor. For now they will sit patiently in their box until I am ready for them!