Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pregnancy #2 - week 35

the countdown is on for how many more of these posts I'll have to write ... as of now I can say things like baby brother is due next month.  that's just crazy talk.  eta is 35 days but after Monday's appointment, I think baby might have other plans.

while getting my usual check up I brought up a possible UTI (urinary tract infection - which I have) to the doctor and they had me swabbed (as gross as it sounds).  while "down there" she checked to see if I was dilated and told me I was at 3 centimeters.  sounds like a lot, especially when I wasn't dilated at all with Mason and had to be prodded along. 

current weight - 129 pounds (up 3 pounds from 3 weeks ago)

next doctor's appointment is on 2/16 so hopefully there won't be any huge changes before then .. ie. having the baby too early. 

I'm still suffering from the WORST back pain ever. it seriously was not as bad with Mason.  the combination of carrying 25 pounds on my body + 35 pound toddler is the worst possible thing in the world for someone as small as I am.  I'm still seeing the sports therapy doctor and she tried acupuncture this morning.  fingers crossed for some relief.  please. 

I'm still craving carbs like crazy (hello bagels) and have continued to jog (took 4 days off due to a cold).  I even did 2 spinning classes last week at Flywheel. 

baby's nursery is coming along ... still waiting on the glider, curtains to be hung, and the crib mattress from Mason's bed (we'll be buying him a full sized set in the next couple of weeks).

baby brother is moving around like crazy and Braxton hicks contractions have been in full force.  trying to find time to rest is near impossible, especially with a certain toddler on nap strike (this is now day 2 of no nap which means no nap for me).

 extra small Gap body maternity tank/extra small Express brand cropped leggings
I'm definitely rocking the no make up, wet hair look right now.  I'm honestly too tired from dealing with Mason to even consider doing more to my appearance.  I did manage to shave my legs today so that's a plus.  although there is a good chance I missed quite a bit since I can't really bend over to notice. 
according to, baby is the size of a coconut, anywhere between 4.2-5.8 pounds and 17.2-18.7 inches. 

Pregnancy Symptoms at 35 Weeks

  • Frequent urge to pee. Yup, your bladder's getting pressed by baby. (ALL THE TIME.  actually I sneezed and just peed a little.  awesome tmi)
  • Constipation -- make sure to get plenty of fiber. (nope I'm all good thanks)
  • A continuation of all those aches and pains -- and maybe even a few new ones. (BACK BACK BACK)
  • An increase in the amount of contractions you're having. (um yes!)

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