Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last barre with the bump

Ryan has been super great lately in the sense that he gives me time off from Mason as needed.

This morning I had requested some time alone from my lovely family and headed to my last barre class before baby brother's arrival.

I was excited to see a 9:45 am class at Xtend barre was available. After setting up my equipment I was pleased to see that the instructor was "Jessica" who I had taken a class from previously. She's upbeat and knowledgeable and even asked me if I needed any modifications because of the pregnancy.

Today's class was brutal! It was such a great work out. What I love about barre classes at Xtend versus other barre studios is its attention to ballet similarities. As someone who has taken ballet classes, I love to see those moves incorporated into my workout.

Another highlight of today's class was the awesome playlist. There was so much Ptibull! Love that guy. His music really gets you pumped up and moving. There was even a Thom Yorke track during stretching.

I kept up with the majority of class and will probably feel sore tomorrow. I did skip out on the ab portion because let's face it I'm not about to do abs this far along and honestly was too tired for any modifications.

Can't wait to head back to the barre post baby to shed those pounds and get tone after baby brother's arrival!

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