Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pregnancy #2 - week 38

Two weeks to go until my official due date.  Since this post didn't get finished yesterday (Wednesday) I'm looking forward to one week away, March 5th, when I'm scheduled to be induced.

I was supposed to have my doctor's appointment this afternoon but due to the impending snow fall, the doctor's office elected to reschedule my appointment to yesterday afternoon.

Everything looked great with baby brother ... strong heartbeat (once the silly nurse found it).

I'm at 132 pounds, one pound up from last week's appointment. 

She told me I was just about 5 centimeters dilated and stripped my membranes:
Stripping membranes, sometimes called membrane sweeping, is a method used to try to start labor. The health care provider puts her or his finger into the cervix -- the mouth of the uterus -- and uses the finger to gently separate the bag of water from the side of the uterus near the cervix. It is easily done in the office during a regular pelvic exam.

So now we wait ... until baby brother is ready to rock and roll.  I have another acupuncture appointment on Monday and I got the "ok" to get poked in the possible induction spots. 

According to, baby is as big as a pumpkin, 18.9-20.9 inches long, 6.2-9.2 pounds. 

Pregnancy Symptoms at 38 Weeks

  • "Lightning crotch." As baby bumps against nerves in your pelvis, you might feel shooting sensations down your legs and even inside your vagina. (so weird ... this was happening to my leg yesterday)
  • You're probably still having Braxton Hicks contractions, difficulty sleeping, vaginal discharge, an itchy belly and swollen feet and ankles. (YES!)
  • You might have had a slightly bloody, mucus discharge, known as bloody show. This is a sign labor is coming. (TMI)
  • You might also have some diarrhea, which could also mean baby is coming soon. (TMI)

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So there you have it ... I've been having trouble sleeping every night, I'm super uncomfortable because I've run out of room for baby brother in my belly.  I'm still working out a bit (barre class on Saturday, jogging on Tuesday, yoga on Wednesday). 

Oh and I've had like 4 or 5 bagels in the past week.  I'm not proud of it ... it just happens any time I'm remotely near Poppy's bagel shop. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last barre with the bump

Ryan has been super great lately in the sense that he gives me time off from Mason as needed.

This morning I had requested some time alone from my lovely family and headed to my last barre class before baby brother's arrival.

I was excited to see a 9:45 am class at Xtend barre was available. After setting up my equipment I was pleased to see that the instructor was "Jessica" who I had taken a class from previously. She's upbeat and knowledgeable and even asked me if I needed any modifications because of the pregnancy.

Today's class was brutal! It was such a great work out. What I love about barre classes at Xtend versus other barre studios is its attention to ballet similarities. As someone who has taken ballet classes, I love to see those moves incorporated into my workout.

Another highlight of today's class was the awesome playlist. There was so much Ptibull! Love that guy. His music really gets you pumped up and moving. There was even a Thom Yorke track during stretching.

I kept up with the majority of class and will probably feel sore tomorrow. I did skip out on the ab portion because let's face it I'm not about to do abs this far along and honestly was too tired for any modifications.

Can't wait to head back to the barre post baby to shed those pounds and get tone after baby brother's arrival!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pregnancy #2 - week 37

We have reached full term status!  3 more weeks until baby brother's due date but according to modern medicine, he can come any day now and be (perfectly) healthy. 

According to, baby is the size of a winter melon, likely measures around 18.9 to 20.9 inches and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. He's gaining about 1/2 ounce each day.

Pregnancy Symptoms at 37 Weeks

  • The urge to "nest." this instinct might make you want to clean house in preparation for baby. (yep!  spent all afternoon yesterday cleaning the house)
  • Heartburn, since baby continues to put pressure on your digestive system. (yep!  but still could be partially due to all of the hot sauce I've been using #hotsauceaddict)
  • Spotting. But call your doctor if it's heavy bleeding. (none)
  • Stretch marks -- sorry, but new ones might appear each week from here on out. (none)
  • Increased pressure on your abdomen (and greater urge to pee!), since baby may have dropped. (oh gosh yes!  I feel like peeing all day long)
  • Trouble sleeping. Be sure you're getting plenty of exercise during the day, drinking lots of water and limiting your caffeine intake. (I hate the not sleeping)
On Monday I had my doctor's visit and everything is fine with baby brother.  He was measuring at 36 weeks, which is a big increase from 2 weeks ago.  His heartbeat sounded fine and my blood pressure was good.  I did ask the nurse to check my urine for another UTI since I felt it never went away after 3 days of prescription medication.  She didn't mention anything before I left so I assumed I was in the clear.  Unfortunately I did have a UTI and they called in a prescription to the pharmacy BUT NEVER TOLD ME.  Ryan was randomly there picking up some medicine for his sinus infection and they were like does your wife know her meds are ready?  Um no.  She didn't even know she needed any.  This time the prescription is for 5 days so hopefully this nasty infection will be kicked.

Anyways ... the doctor recommended setting up an induction date so I can have baby at 39 weeks, 1 day, March 5th.  This means he may be a little smaller than waiting full term and will hopefully help with a smoother delivery.  My appointment at the hospital could be bumped demanding if there are actual emergencies going on that morning but as of now baby has a new due date ... unless he comes before then.

Oh and my weight is 131 ... up 2 pounds from last doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago so that's right on target.  I'm feeling super tired, super emotional, and basically a wreck at all times.

Because of our terrible weather lately in Charlotte I hadn't gone to the gym to run since last Thursday.  I think not having some sort of stress relief outside of the house has something to do with my craziness, or it can be the fact that I'm having a baby in a matter of weeks.  It was nice to get to the gym today to do a slow 3 miles but I'm finding that physical activity is probably coming to an end soon.  Fortunately my back pain hasn't been as bad after having an amazing massage this past Saturday.  I have another acupuncture appointment on Monday and then a doctor's appointment next Thursday.  After that I should be all set for baby's arrival ...

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Rusty's Deli & Grille - Cheeseburger review

After being locked in the house for days due to some snow and ice in Charlotte, it was a special treat to have lunch at a restaurant.  We headed somewhere super close to us, Rusty's Deli & Grille.  We had eaten here before but I don't think I had ordered a burger.  Since Mason was ordering a cheeseburger off the kid's menu I figured I would order one of their burgers as well for a quick review.

The "Gourmet Burger" is:
1/3 of pound hand pattied, fresh, never frozen ground beef with sautéed onions, spicy mustard, ketchup, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes, for $6.50 with cheese

I asked for my burger no tomatoes and lettuce and I think the mustard was missing as well, although it was not missed.

The sautéed onions were a nice surprised underneath the melted American cheese.  The burger was flame grilled and very juicy.  The bun was a sesame seed bun, sturdy enough to hold the burger.

Although the patty was not overly seasoned it had a nice "meat" flavor and the grill definitely helped amp up the flavor. Fries were an additional $2.25 for an order and weren't anything special ... probably frozen at some point prior to frying.

All in all it was a pretty tasty lunch, although slightly more expensive than I would ordinarily spend for such a common burger.  Loved hitting up a local spot and supporting the community though!

Snow days and slow jogging

Holy moly! Mason hasn't been in school since last Wednesday and it's been rough at home. Friday and Monday were canceled for a teacher work day and holiday, his gym session was canceled yesterday due to the snow, and today school was canceled for no reason. Actually they said weather but seriously it's 32 degrees and the ice has melted.

Today we fortunately made it outdoors and to the Harris YMCA which had childcare open. Hallelujah!

I slugged around the indoor track for 2 miles, after doing 1 mile on the treadmill. All "runs" have now turned into slow walking for 1/2 of the time and slow jogging for the other 1/2.

I can definitely feel baby brother putting pressure on my lower area. I can't help but to think that he may come sooner than expected but then again he can take his time. Check back later for my 37 week update for some news from the doctor.

Here's how we spent part of the morning yesterday. I let Mason watch Frozen, which is a huge treat since TV is rarely watched by the toddler.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pregnancy #2 - week 36

4 weeks to go until my estimated due date.  I'm pretty skeptical about these dates since my previous experience with them was Mason being 4 days late.

We shall see though ... I wouldn't mind this baby coming early but then again he'll come whenever he's ready.

Nothing new to report this week.  Had another acupuncture session this morning and it's crazy how much it helps.  Since the last session my back pain has decreased significantly ... back pain could've been partially due to the UTI that the meds cleared up.  Who knows.

Ryan and I did take care of 2 of my last baby bucket list items ... fancy dinner and Hornets basketball game.  I claim both were in honor of his birthday week but he knows they were probably for me :)  Nothing like a steak dinner and my first almost full glass of wine!
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According to baby is the size of a honeydew melon (17.2-18.7 inches/4.2-5.8 pounds)

Pregnancy Symptoms at 36 Weeks

  • Better ability to breathe. Baby might soon descend into your pelvis, giving your lungs some extra space.
  • Pelvic discomfort -- for the same reason! (YES!  It feels so strange ... a weird spot to get pain in)
  • Difficulty sleeping. Find some ways to relax even if you aren't getting much shut-eye. (MOST DEFINITELY.  I sleep ok from the point of falling asleep until my first potty break.  After that I get up at least once if not two more times.  Each time it takes longer to fall back asleep)
  • More heartburn and ankle-and-foot swelling. (I would say yes to the more heartburn cause I've felt it but it could be my current choice of foods ... um hello Chickfila chicken biscuit for breakfast #2 today)

 've still managed to jog a few times lately but know that those running days are numbered.  I've also got my eye on a prenatal yoga class at the YMCA that I want to take next week.  Would love to incorporate some more zen/relaxed time before baby brother's arrival.

Oh and something must've happened in the past week in regards to belly size cause EVERYONE has been making a comment.  I know it's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant, but people should really stop to question why they're going out of their way to talk to me when I'm a perfect stranger.  Everyone seems to think it's ok to tell me how big I look and that it must be a boy based on how I'm carrying.  Most days I'm cool with it and smile and interact, other days I just want to finish my errands and crawl back home. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Can't waste the sunshine

Back to back outdoor running days. Couldn't be happier. Both runs were around my neighborhood; easy 2 milers.

Today I stumbled upon this rugged trail behind our neighborhood. It ran up to a little creek ... Super peaceful, which is exactly what I need after dealing with nap-skipper extraordinaire Mason.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the great weather today!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pregnancy #2 - week 35

the countdown is on for how many more of these posts I'll have to write ... as of now I can say things like baby brother is due next month.  that's just crazy talk.  eta is 35 days but after Monday's appointment, I think baby might have other plans.

while getting my usual check up I brought up a possible UTI (urinary tract infection - which I have) to the doctor and they had me swabbed (as gross as it sounds).  while "down there" she checked to see if I was dilated and told me I was at 3 centimeters.  sounds like a lot, especially when I wasn't dilated at all with Mason and had to be prodded along. 

current weight - 129 pounds (up 3 pounds from 3 weeks ago)

next doctor's appointment is on 2/16 so hopefully there won't be any huge changes before then .. ie. having the baby too early. 

I'm still suffering from the WORST back pain ever. it seriously was not as bad with Mason.  the combination of carrying 25 pounds on my body + 35 pound toddler is the worst possible thing in the world for someone as small as I am.  I'm still seeing the sports therapy doctor and she tried acupuncture this morning.  fingers crossed for some relief.  please. 

I'm still craving carbs like crazy (hello bagels) and have continued to jog (took 4 days off due to a cold).  I even did 2 spinning classes last week at Flywheel. 

baby's nursery is coming along ... still waiting on the glider, curtains to be hung, and the crib mattress from Mason's bed (we'll be buying him a full sized set in the next couple of weeks).

baby brother is moving around like crazy and Braxton hicks contractions have been in full force.  trying to find time to rest is near impossible, especially with a certain toddler on nap strike (this is now day 2 of no nap which means no nap for me).

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I'm definitely rocking the no make up, wet hair look right now.  I'm honestly too tired from dealing with Mason to even consider doing more to my appearance.  I did manage to shave my legs today so that's a plus.  although there is a good chance I missed quite a bit since I can't really bend over to notice. 
according to, baby is the size of a coconut, anywhere between 4.2-5.8 pounds and 17.2-18.7 inches. 

Pregnancy Symptoms at 35 Weeks

  • Frequent urge to pee. Yup, your bladder's getting pressed by baby. (ALL THE TIME.  actually I sneezed and just peed a little.  awesome tmi)
  • Constipation -- make sure to get plenty of fiber. (nope I'm all good thanks)
  • A continuation of all those aches and pains -- and maybe even a few new ones. (BACK BACK BACK)
  • An increase in the amount of contractions you're having. (um yes!)